Co-Billionaire Jay-Z Laments White Privilege

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: So the African-American hip-hop impresario and entrepreneur Jay-Z, whose net worth combined with his wife’s is over one billion, was on with David Letterman on Netflix last night complaining that white men are so privileged in America. And of course Letterman’s stupidity and whatever was on full display as well. I think we have audio of this.

So $810 million for Jay-Z, $350 million, both according to Forbes, for Beyonce. So that’s $1.16 billion, if they combine, you know, family net worth. Beyonce’s net worth against it lands her a spot on the list of America’s richest self-made women. She’s not on the hip hot list. She’s on the richest self-made women list June of 2017.

So Jay-Z with a net worth of $810 million appeared with David Letterman on his Netflix show entitled ” My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” And he told Letterman that the election of Donald Trump is a great thing because it’s bringing out an ugly side of America we wanted to believe is gone. Here it is, audio sound bite number five.

So what he’s saying is that long before Trump came along there was all this racism out there and all this bigotry and homophobia, but nobody knew it! It wasn’t revealed. I guess the Obama presidency did a great job of making everybody think there wasn’t any racism anymore? Is this guy serious? Racial problems got worse by a factor of two under Obama. It was incredible, the racial divisions that popped up, and they were all predicted by me.

But this guy actually wants us to believe that Trump’s election has caused to bubble to the surface the real problems in America, that had been hidden and covered up. Racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, all of these things, it took the election of Donald Trump for it to be exposed that that’s what America is. And we have to have a conversation about it.

Mr. Z, seriously now. I don’t know how old you are. Do you really think we haven’t been having a conversation about this? Do you really think the whole notion of racism has been hidden and stashed away somewhere and nobody knew about it? And nobody thought that America harbored all these horrible ills until Trump got elected? And all of a sudden Trump gets elected and you think you see all of these ills and evils out there?

If you ask me, it’s the exact opposite! The division and hatred that has been brought to bear on this country, what Trump’s election has brought to the surface is all of the characters of liberalism that have been hidden. The hate, the anger, the lunatic status, unhingedness, the stupidity, the ignorance. Trump’s election has forced liberalism out in the open.

It’s CNN that’s uttering the N-word all these times on the air. It’s your music where the N-word is heard. What are you talking about, Trump? Hip-hop music is where you find the N-word used more than anywhere else in America.

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