Sessions Sues California Over Sanctuary for Illegals

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Here is another, call it area, institution, tradition that is under a full-fledged, all-out assault by the American left, and it has been since 1965, and that is the border. The American left is attempting to obliterate the southern border of this nation. The American left wants no limits on who can come in to this country from where. Their preference is for people who are not educated, who are in poverty or otherwise very poor and who cannot speak English and therefore who do need handouts from the government in order to live, in order to survive — and the Democrats want to be seen as the people making that possible.

Today, the attorney general Jeff Sessions — who was referred to by governor Brown from California as “that fellow from Alabama” — went to a law enforcement conference in my adopted hometown of Sacramento and announced a lawsuit against California on the basis sanctuary city, sanctuary state, that this violation of federal law simply cannot stand! We cannot remain a nation with this kind of thing happening!

You know, it’s fascinating, too, because the people of California, the sanctuary movement, they’re beginning to wallow around and shout about states’ rights. “What about states’ rights? You conservatives are all about states’ rights. Remember Arizona?” Eh, don’t try to confuse us. In Arizona, the federal government was not enforcing its immigration law! The federal government was not patrolling the border.

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