There Was a Red Wave in Texas

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: So going into the primary yesterday, we were told that this was going to be where we would all learn that the end for Trump is just months away. It was going to be the perfect storm built by the perfect recipes. Here we have a classic red state. And this red state has the kind of people in it that the left has never been able to beat. And they don’t like ’em.

These are Texans. And they hunt, and they fish, they have guns, they drive big cars, they talk big, they live big, and they are, a vast majority, Republican. But Texas, Texas was gonna go blue in the primary yesterday because even that state was going to demonstrate how everybody finally has had their fill of Trump. Trump is now hated. Texas going blue would be the equivalent of North Korea adopting conservatism.

And it was gonna happen. It was only a matter of waiting for the votes to be tallied, because the hatred and disapproval of Trump is universal even in big, red Republican states. And this was going to be the harbinger. This was going to be the great indicator. This was going to be where we were going to learn how big a midterm election victory the Democrats were going to have in November. Did it happen?

Well, let me read to you a tweet here from the polling wizard at the New York Times. His name is Nate Cohn. I don’t know if he’s related to Gary Cohn but it’s spelled the same. Nate Cohn: “It’s nearly a 20-point GOP lead in the Texas primary. Democrat areas are still disproportionally left to report. … GOP edge now at about 22 points, 61 to 39 percent. Dems should gain back some ground, but I suspect this won’t prove to be the night they were imagining. None of their top candidates are posting great numbers. And this doesn’t look like the vote of a ‘blue’ Texas.”

(Gasp!) Once again, the left building up their charges, building up their supporters, building up their voters. This was gonna be where all of this anger and all of this rage — and all of that anger and rage justified, because Trump is an absolute SOB. It’s right to hate Trump. It’s healthy to hate Trump. Trump is a hateful figure. And Texas? Texas was going to be where the first wave of anti-Trump hate was seen at the ballot box, and there was gonna be enough of it to turn Texas into a Democrat stronghold. It’s 61 to 39 GOP to Democrat.

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