Hypocrats Operate Freely

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from The Gray Area:

The hypocrisy just screams at the reader in this article today in The New York Times, Trump’s Cynical Use of Human Rights.

First is the photo used.

This one says ‘Ban Hate‘. Signs like this are seen everywhere these days when the left is marching in our streets. They shout ‘we hate Trump’ in a variety of ways. Some directly and some, like this one, indirectly. But, either way, the message is clear to the viewer. So, if we are to ‘ban hate’ as the protestor suggests, we would have to ban this person holding the sign and all other Trump haters on the left, correct? Is there any more clear statement of hate than that directed at President Trump? Well no, because it is acceptable to ‘hate’ Trump. Whatever is politically correct on the left to hate, like; Trump, Conservatives, pro-lifers, Trump voters, married women, etc., would obviously be excluded from this protestor’s ‘ban’.

Of course, nothing is ever said about this hypocrisy in the media.

Now to the article. Focusing such a headline on Trump’s supposed human rights cynicism is timely. It enables the Times to distract from it’s and other leftist media’s promotion of North Korea at this year’s Olympics. A notoriously brutal regime, void of any human rights, is played as a winner at the Olympics in an attempt to bash Donald Trump and his foreign policy against the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

The author also ignores the Democrat and media support of other brutal and human rights void regimes like Venezuela and Cuba.

The article also berates Trump for recognizing people during the SOTU. How soon they forget the use of that visual by Obama for eight years. And, talk about obvious politically expedient imagery, go back and look at those SOTU speeches. Come on now, at least you can try to be fair by acknowledging this political tool used by every party for 40 years.

How comforting it must be for leftists, like Gary J. Bass, to feel free to misstate, erroneously assert and otherwise declare anything because they know it will not be challenged by their brethren in our left wing mainstream media.

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