Our Media Loves Dictatorships and Socialist Regimes

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from The Gray Area:

The fawning over North Korea at the Olympics is another chance for the media to highlight Socialism and bash Capitalism and Trump.

The American mainstream media love dictatorships and socialist regimes. Their current infatuation with North Korea at the Olympics is just another alarming example.

It is well known of the media, Hollywood, Democrat and Obama’s fawning over Hugo Chavez Venezuela regime in the early 2000s. Try to find an apology for that today as Venezuela collapses under failed socialist polices, as they always do. You cant find them.

Former President Obama, the mainstream media and Bernie Sanders praise for communist Cuba was everywhere when Obama re-opened relations with Cuba.

And, now the fawning over North Korea.

-Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

-Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm

-The Korea’s marching together offering hope of a breakthrough in a tense, geopolitical standoff.

As the Koreans Share an Olympic Moment, Trump Risks Irrelevance

-If “diplomatic dance” were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold.

Why? Because it all gives the media a chance to bash Trump & his administration both directly and indirectly.

Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post just demanded an apology for a tweet by Federalist columnist pointing out that North Korea is the most oppressive regime in history.

But the best, the Olympic Gold Medal for sucking up to the murderous regime, is Jeet Heer of the New Republic.