10 Pages?

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from The Gray Area:

Ask Yourself a Few Questions.

The Democrat counter memo to the Devin Nunes memo, developed by Intelligence Committee ranking minority (Democrat) member Adam Schiff, supposedly totals 10 pages. It is a response to the 4 page memo of Devin Nunes, Republican Intelligence Committee Chairman. While trying to figure out what is going on, here are a few obvious questions to ask yourself:

Why does it take 2 1/2 times as many pages to rebut a 4 page memo?

Why, when the Democrats complained that the Nunes memo was so packed with classified secrets that it’s release would risk our national security and that people would die, did they then react after it’s release with, “that’s it”?

If the Nunes memo was a ‘nothing burger’, why does it require a rebuttal at all – or a 10 page rebuttal?

What could possibly be needed to fill those 10 pages? Classified details?

If the Democrats were so concerned about releasing classified secrets, why would they include in the ’10 pages’ so much classified information?

After including such classified information, why would they expect the President to release it? As is?

After President Trump used the same process to review the Schiff memo as the Nunes memo, he decides on Friday night not to release the memo as is and sends it back to them to correct the sensitive classified information it includes. Why is that not a responsible action?

Why then do the Democrats react as if President Trump is hiding something?

Clearly their is only one consistent set of answers to these questions:

When the Democrats make an accusation, the fact is usually just the opposite. In this case, asserting that the Republican President is hiding something, really means, what are the Democrats trying to hide.