MSNBC is OK with Joy Reid’s homophobic blog posts

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from FoxNews,

MSNBC reportedly decided not to renew its contract with contributor Sam Seder because he made a joke in poor taste back in 2009. But the same network refuses to even comment on whether or not host Joy Reid will be disciplined for homophobic remarks unearthed over the weekend.

Seder is reportedly being sidelined by MSNBC for a now-deleted tweet from 2009 in which he made a satirical comment about Roman Polanski raping his daughter. The tweet was unearthed by political rivals in what Seder is calling a smear campaign.

“Joy Reid, on the other hand, was actively bashing someone for being gay — just because he was a different political party. It looks like MSNBC figures it can’t stand up to the pressure for Seder and just let him go, but already got the signals from the LGBT community that they’ll give Reid a pass. The left alleges Republicans are gay all the time and uses it as a slur, but they get away with it because the media let them,” Gainor told Fox News. “Overall, MSNBC doesn’t have a policy on old comments. That’s pragmatism masquerading as a policy.”

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MSNBC is OK with Joy Reid’s homophobic blog posts but not Sam Seder’s bad jokes