Here are 7 differences Republicans must resolve between their tax bills

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from The Washington Post,

Senate Republicans passed their tax overhaul in a 51-to-49 vote early Saturday morning, taking a critical step toward accomplishing their top legislative goal.

How the overhaul could affect your taxes

But the GOP has not crossed the finish line just yet. Both the Senate and the House have passed tax reform bills that have a lot in common — including dramatic cuts in corporate tax rates, the elimination of a number of personal tax deductions, and a big change in the estate tax — but these bills also have a number of crucial differences that must be resolved before a final version can be sent to President Trump’s desk for signing.

Here are some ways the two bills differ:
1. Obamacare’s individual mandate
2. Tax cuts for individuals
3. The estate tax
4. The child tax credit
5. The mortgage interest deduction
6. Tax brackets
7. When corporate tax cuts kick in

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