The NFL Is Losing on the Anthem Protests

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from Rush Limbaugh,

There were protests in the NFL again last night. The NFL game last night, there were protests. But you know what? Nobody saw it. You know why? Because the TV networks didn’t televise it. You know why? Because the NFL is losing this thing and the players are losing this thing, and there’s no more power. No longer is there any strength. No longer is there any advantage for the Drive-By Media and the NFL and the players association to televise players disrespecting the anthem. The fact that they thought that was a good thing for them politically shows you how out of touch they are.

There’s no reason, there’s no other reason why the media, the networks, and the players and the league all got together and televised all of these the anthems to show all of these protests, the kneeling, the refusal to honor the flag. They thought they were relating to a majority of Americans. I’m telling you, they’re warped in their view of what the American population is and who they are. And they are learning again — they learned it on election night 2016; they are learning it watching this Hollywood Weinstein story unfold.

They’re learning it in the economy, by the way, …

They televise those protests, they televise the raised fists, they televise players taking a knee. Why? Because it was anti-America, and the media just sops that up. Anything anti-America, like Black Lives Matter or Antifa or whatever happens in Ferguson, Missouri, or Baltimore, anything. When they take cameras into a little pizzeria in Indiana and ask them if they would cater a gay wedding and the answer is “no,” they think they’re on the case. They think a majority of Americans are as disgusted with America as they are. And they quickly learn they are in the minority.

There’s only one reason they stopped televising the protests, the kneeling and all of this during the anthem: It was hurting. It was not advancing the cause. And they’ll tell you, “There’s nothing different. We never televise the anthem normally. We only did this ’cause it was news.” Wrong. You started televising this because it fit your sentiment that there’s trouble in America, that America’s imperfect, that America’s impure, that America’s racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, here is evidence; you couldn’t wait to televise it. And you made the mistake that that was the sentiment of a majority of people watching the NFL, and boy, did you blow that. Now they’re not televising it. That’s their solution to the problem.

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