These are the steps the Trump administration is taking to undermine the ACA

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from The Washington Post,

On Friday Oct. 13, the Trump administration announced it will stop funding key subsidies that help low-income Americans afford their deductibles and copays. Experts say the move could force insurers to absorb large losses or leave the marketplace altogether. Experts characterize the decision, which comes just one day after President signed an executive order expected to raise marketplace premiums, as one of many efforts by the Trump administration to undermine the 2010 health-care law.

Here are points in the process the administration has affected the marketplaceā€™s operation so far:
1. Insurers and states prepare for the beginning of open enrollment Insurers have to get their plans approved by the exchanges, and sometimes by state regulators. At the same time, states have to prepare for the open enrollment period which starts Nov. 1.

Trump has decided to end key subsidies

Trump might not strictly enforce ACA’s mandate to buy insurance

HHS is not helping states plan for enrollment season.

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