Campus ‘thugs’ (students, professors & outside agitators) need to be accountable for the damage they due

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from Leadership Institute,

Imagine … making leftist thugs on college campuses pay for their attacks on freedom, free speech and America itself.

Imagine … forcing these hateful agitators to think twice before they threaten speakers, beat up citizens, and stifle conservative viewpoints on campuses across the country.

Image … going on the offensive against the campus left rather than sitting around waiting for their next aggression.

The rising tide of hatred, extremism, and even physical violence from the left on college campuses is the worst we’ve seen in over 40 years … and even during the radical 1960s.

These leftist thugs come for Confederate statues and controversial speakers. But before you know it, they’ll come for the Founding Fathers and anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.

I know this sounds like an overstatement. I wish it were.

But this madness shows no signs of decreasing. Already the left has attacked statues of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia and denounced freedoms you and I enjoy as Americans.

“Free speech kills”, the leftist chant and write graffiti at UC-Berkeley, where they riot and set fires rather than allow conservatives to speak.

“F*** free speech”, is the foul mouthed name of the Constitution Day lecture at Princeton. There a professor argued that “the academy has never promoted free speech as a central value.”

The leftist thugs call themselves anti-fascists. But, to them everyone they disagree with is a fascist. In fact, what they really hate are the very principles that make America free.

1. University of Tampa professor Ken Storey told his followers online that Hurricane Harvey’s destruction was “instant karma” for the Texans “evil” of voting for Donald Trump and conservative policies. He has been fired!
2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln lecturer Courtney Lawton harassed the student president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter for recruiting students to join her group. Lawson, while gesturing with her middle finger, shrieked profanities at the student and her group and called them “neo-fascists” and “nazi’s“. She has been removed from her teaching duties!
3. After Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced plans to revise education laws, Austin Community College professor Robert Ranco said on online media, “I’d be ok if Betsy DeVos was sexually assaulted.Professor Ranco had to resign.

Leftists must not silence conservatives. The more young people hear a message of freedom, opportunity and prosperity …, the more of them … will be aware of the abuses of the left.

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