The Moral Compass & Political Hypocrisy of Hollywood & the Media

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UPDATED: October 11, 2017:
from The Gray Area:

Hypocrats! Trump was right when explaining to Billy Bush that people in Hollywood can get away with anything, even grabbing by the p****!

Embarrassment at NBC as it passes on another explosive sex harassment story. … over many years, many news organizations have circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so.

Ashley Judd took the stage at the Women’s March in January to viciously attack President Trump’s supposed behavior, yet she did not even know him. She knew Harvey Weinstein and his activities, but never said anything. She only participated in this news coming out when she was assured she was save and not the only one. Hypocrat!

Jessica Chastain was ‘warned from the beginning’ about Harvey Weinstein

Russell Crowe and Matt Damon reportedly helped bury a Weinstein exposé from the Times more than 10 years ago.

McGowan blasts Ben Affleck for his response to Weinstein scandal: ‘You lie’

Hours after Ben Affleck said he was “saddened and angry” over allegations that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein raped and sexually harassed women over decades, Affleck was accused of groping actress Hilarie Burton.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly defends mogul in now-deleted post

Donna Karan sorry after comments praising Harvey Weinstein

Debate on the silence over the Weinstein scandal

Why wasn’t Harvey Weinstein charged in 2015?

Lying Hollywood, the media all knew about Weinstein