Everybody Knew About Harvey

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from Rush Limbaugh,

Let me ask you a question. Do you think a major conservative Republican fat cat donor would have been able to keep secret eight different sexual harassment settlements? You think they would have been able to keep that out of the media for decades? Just remember what all has happened at Fox News in recent years and compare that to what’s happening here with Harvey Weinstein of Weinstein Pictures and prior to that Miramax. It’s astounding to look at two comparisons.

It ought not be astounding because we all ought to know by now, but the thing that makes it different, everybody apparently knew about Harvey Weinstein. Everybody that worked with him, everybody that took money from him, everybody that palled around with him all throughout Hollywood, everybody knew. Whenever we have news reports about some executive at Fox News, sexual harassment, it’s a shock and it’s a stunner and we never knew and nobody had any idea and it’s still not conclusive.

And yet those people are made to walk the plank. And here Harvey Weinstein gets to apologize and promise everybody he’s gonna double down going after the NRA, as though that is gonna buy him some leniency. And it will, folks. You remain loyal to the cause on the left and they’ll tolerate anything. But how transparent. I saw this yesterday afternoon, and I just started laughing out loud. Harvey Weinstein issues whatever apologies. (imitating Weinstein) “You know, I came from the sixties. You got away with a lot more back in the sixties.” Harvey, I came from the sixties, too, and I remember when the feminazis started taking over in the late sixties and early seventies, and so do you, pal. You just ignored ’em and didn’t have anything to do with ’em, and everybody knew. That’s the thing here.

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