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from The Gray Area:
11/8/16: (and frequently updated)

The Democrats and their media allies were so shocked at Donald Trump’s Presidential victory, and remain so, that their pattern of contempt, denial, protests, marches, attacks, obstruction and panic has developed its own name – ‘The Resistance‘.

The Resistance‘ is committed to do whatever it can to delay, distract, and defeat every move the Trump Administration tries to make. Certainly not the definition of unity, debate of the issues or compromise. More a definition of ‘the mob’ and possibly worse.

This plan began immediately after Mr. Trump’s November 8th election and continues with growing momentum on the far left.  Mainstream Democrat politicians have publicly supported this ‘resistance’ and even given financial support. But mainstream blue collar Democrats don’t seem to like the tactic, benefits are dubious, and, there seems to be no broad-based national support.Only the radical elements which control the Democrat party are involved.

Excerpted from Overthrow!, David Horowitz pamphlet on the Democrats’ assault on a duly elected president.   It is not the proper role of an opposition party in a democracy to mount a ‘resistance’ to a duly elected government and press for its overthrow.  But this is precisely what the Democrats are doing. For the second time in its history, the Democratic party has opted to secede from the Union. In launching their ‘resistance’, Democrats rejected the honeymoon normally afforded to incoming presidents.  Until now this tradition has functioned as something of a sacred political rite.  The presidential honeymoon is designed to reunite the contending factions as constituents of a shared constitutional republic. It ratifies the peaceful transition of power and reasserts the principle that as Americans we are one.  According to the Gallup organization, the normal duration of a presidential honeymoon has been 7 months. The Democrats did not give Trump seven seconds.  This should raise alarm bells for every American who loves his country.

Here is a running list of actions from ‘The Resistance‘, starting November 8, 2016 through today.

This exhaustive list of the vitriol, contempt, and hatred the left constantly spews about President Trump, his Administration and Republicans.

Do not expect this pattern of childish, politically motivated behavior to stop or slow down. Its the plan. Its ‘The Resistance‘.

The hypocrisy is deafening.