The Seven Most Undercovered Obama Scandals

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from MRC-Newsbusters,

Barack Obama likes to fancy himself a “scandal-free” president, and the liberal media are all too happy to push that narrative.

In order to expose their obvious bias, the MRC’s News Analysis Division made a list of President Obama’s Seven Most Undercovered Scandals.

After the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, Fast and Furious, the Veterans Affairs scandal, and many, many more, anyone who believes Obama’s eight years were free from scandal has gulped their fair share of Kool-Aid.

Check out the Media Research Center’s newly-released, detailed report on The Seven Most Undercovered Obama Scandals to see exactly what we mean.

  1. IRS Targets the Tea Party
  2. Fast and Furious Scandal
  3. VA Scandal Gets Less Coverage Than Local New Jersey Story
  4. Relying on “Stupidity of the American Voter” to Pass ObamaCare
  5. ObamaCare Failures
  6. Solyndra Scandal
  7. Ransom for Hostages?

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