10 reasons you can’t be a Christian and vote for Donald Trump

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from Dallas Morning News,

Our argument is simple: A Christian who supports Trump either does not understand this person and his positions, or supports him in spite of Christian convictions.

In the same way that a person cannot love the Yankees and the Red Sox, follow veganism and devour a supper of Texas barbecue, or adore Joanna Gaines but hate shiplap, one cannot really love Jesus and wish to follow him and also vote for a person who so clearly embodies the opposite of everything Christ taught, died for and demands of us.

Here are 10 reasons, centered around ideas central to the Christian: character, relationships and values:

1. He lacks compassion.

2. He appeals to fear and anger.

3. He is enamored with “greatness” and ego, but has no concern for “goodness” or service.

4. He lies — a lot.

5. He is hostile to women.

6. He speaks about his daughter in a disrespectful and sexualized way.

7. He does not attempt to love his enemies, but instead cultivates antagonism.

8. He does not model sacrifice or altruism.

9. He doesn’t seem to care about the poor.

10. His love of money is more apparent than his love of God or others.

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