Wikileaks releases 2000 emails allegedly from Clinton campaign

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from FoxNews,

Wikileaks released over 2000 emails allegedly from Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Friday, part of what the group says is a total of 50,000 emails that it intends to release to the public.

The group, headed by hacker Julian Assange, says the emails consist of 2,060 emails focusing on Podesta’s communications relating to ”nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests.”

It says that over 1,000 emails are related to nuclear energy and that the full collection includes emails to and from Hillary Clinton.

Initial review of this group of email reveals comments by Mrs. Clinton about having dual positions on issues, one public and one private. And, a discussion of her distance from middle class Americans.

WikiLeaks hopes “to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks,” Assange said.

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Wikileaks releases emails allegedly from Clinton campaign chair