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How The Media Covers (and Protects) Its Favorites

from Rush Limbaugh,
12/11/18; updated 12/12/18:

RUSH: Now, I want to give you a lesson in how the media protects and shields their chosen members, how they go out of their way to protect Democrats who may say or do things that are just flat-out weird and dumb. The example here is Steph Curry, the NBA star for the Golden State Warriors...and during the Q&A here are Steph Curry, Vince Carter, and Kent Bazemore and a co-host Annie Finberg talking about the Moon landing.

Steph Curry doesn’t believe we’ve been to the Moon. Steph Curry, star forward for the Golden State Warriors, doesn’t think we’ve been to the Moon. Therefore, he believes that the entire Moon landing thing is a hoax, made up. But Steph Curry cannot be humiliated in the media. Anybody else who would publicly disavow the truth of the Moon landing? Why, the media would humiliate them, the media would expose them, the media would mock them, the media would laugh at them, the media would embarrass them. We can’t do that to Steph Curry! Steph Curry is African-American. He’s a sports star. He’s a big hero. He’s a huge Democrat, a huge Democrat vote-getter and supporter. So we have to shield Steph Curry. So how do we do it?

GMA and Today Show Make Excuses for Steph Curry

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