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CNN & others should use a mirror when they talk about inflamatory rhetoric

from The Gray Area:

Since the mail bomber has been identified in Florida today, CNN, and other networks, have been going non stop at President Trump being the cause of this because of his rhetoric, referring to the bomber as the 'MAGA bomber'. No matter what he says they say the President did not say enough. He did not say that he will quell his rhetoric because of what it has caused. They really expect him to say that.

That shows how delusional the news media are. They attack Trump and his supporters for 2 years, and expect no reaction. A crazed Bernie Sanders supporter tries to kill Republican Congressmen at baseball practice and they justify it by saying, well Trump will do that to you.

They bury or ignore stories that go against their preferred narrative and political messaging.

The media need to put a mirror in their face when they talk about negative rhetoric that incites violence. The news media and the Democrat politicians have been inciting assault and violence against Republicans by name and justifying it. Yet they attack President Trump for his rhetoric. His rhetoric is directed at them in response to their rhetoric. 90% of their news has been negative against Trump. 90% of their news was positive about Barack Obama. How could that be you might ask? Duh! Trump is unfairly targeted and he fights back and they don't want him to. They want him to be like George W Bush who took all the lies they threw at him and did nothing and said nothing. It is about time some one fought back and Trump does.

So is he coarse and vile in his responses sometimes, sure. Has he ever incited violence, no. He has told people at his rallies to take up for themselves against these assaults. That's it. The media spin it into something more sinister. And, when a crazed leftist ran at him during a campaign stop, the media blamed Trump, not the leftist nutbag - or themselves. Yet they want President Trump to blame himself. Because it will generate political advantage for Democrats, which is what they want.

The media and the Democrats have specifically incited protest, disturbing the peace, destruction of property, doxing, riot, assault, and worse - and then justified it. Nobody dislikes Donald Trump anymore than Conservatives disliked Barack Obama. Do you think the media would have excused a conservative Obama hater who stood up holding a replica of a severed Obama head like was done to Trump? They would have gone apoplectic over it. But not with Trump, just move on, nothing to see here. It is maddening how the media blame everyone, but themselves for the vitriol and "CNN Sucks" on the mail bomber's van. Bottom line, the mail bomber alone is to blame for his actions. We will learn more in the coming days about his motives. In How Low Will They Go, I stated it all seemed to easy to me for these bombs to be a right wing political action. In the face of the obvious 'evidence' today, it still does. The heroes here are the investigators (Federal, State and local) who solved this so quickly. We will learn more about why this trail was so easy to follow in coming days as well. Political heroes, the mail bomb targets. The Democrats who were sent these despicable mail bombs now have a badge of honor to their fanatical followers. I predict during the 2020 presidential season you will see them use these as evidence that being targeted separates them from the other contenders in their hatred for President Trump.

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