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The TIME article, among many other items, proves what we (Americans) are up against

from The Gray Area:

During this whole separated children at the border news fraud, we have all endured an onslaught of negative messages aimed at President Trump and his anti-American policy of "zero tolerance'. They demanded Trump stop tearing children from the arms of their parents. Then when he did, they attacked him again for not doing enough. The media has provided half truths, misleading statements, vicious headlines, photos from 2014 and outright bias, using language so similar that it has to have been coordinated.

And, now TIME comes out with a Trump attack piece that puts all this in one place, behind a cover of one of the separated children being towered over by President Trump, with the sarcastic caption: "Welcome to America".

This is what we (all Americans) are up against. A biased, misleading, outright lying media.

The girl on the front cover of TIME, and the one that has been the cover girl for this entire media manufactured story was not even a separated child.

The media still defending the overuse of this erroneous photo, as an "image" designed to "humanize and generate feelings and compassion" for the issue.

And, the media is worried about being 'spun" by the Trump Administration, when they are the ones who are spinning the story! The truth is that children have been separated at the border for 20 years. The difference between Obama and Trump is Obama practiced "catch & release" into the general population of the country. The law calls for detainment. The executive is supposed to execute the laws of the country. Trump's 'zero tolerance' policy is executing the law. Even though that image of the separated child is not a true representation of separated children, it clearly doesn't matter to those in the media who are only interested in a preferred political result, open borders, as practiced by Obama, since TIME did not complain about his separation of children at the border.

We, all Americans, must vary your news sources.

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