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[Lebron,] You Chose The Wrong Platform

Updated & Republished 8/1/18

from The Gray Area:

I listened to a radio program this morning and a woman, who identified herself as a black woman, called in to take issue with what one of the personalities said about the NFL national Anthem protests. She started very calmly in her presentation and them proceeded to get emotional when the radio personalities told her that they understood her concerns and the issue Colin Kaepernick, others, and now the entire NFL are trying to shed light on. No you don't she screamed, that it has nothing to do with 'a song or the flag', it was about people and people are more important. When she was confronted with the fact that her issue could not be heard over the negative reaction to the disrespect of the national anthem, flag and country she became infuriated. Why can't you see that she shouted. She could not hear the other issue, because she is blinded and deafened by her own issue.

This is the problem, [Lebron]. Her issue got 'trumped' (no pun intended) by the platform Colin Kaepernick chose, the national anthem. It is that platform for protest that is the problem. [Not the fact that President Trump called attention to the reactions of many across America.] And, it's the NFL's fault.

The NFL has rules for everything. They fine players for being late to meetings, for what they wear, they fine players for late hits, for hitting too hard, for end zone displays, and many, many other things. They even fined Tim Tebow for taking a knee and praying on the field. But, they would not enforce their own rule on standing for the national anthem. When they were afraid to enforce that rule, and let the protests grow into a weekly media frenzy, it became a national anthem protest and a distraction to their game.

As soon as this became a national anthem protest, many Americans, myself included, could care less about the underlying cause for the protest. We could not see or hear the underlying issue over the infuriating images of NFL players showing disrespect for the country that gave them this opportunity to play football for a lot of money. It is all plain and simple, you cannot disrespect the anthem, the flag or the country without experiencing consequences. [You see Lebron, the players divided the country, Trump just pointed it out.]

Some people say this is just free speech. Free speech does not come without consequences. Your free speech may start a dialogue that changes a mind. It may also cause an argument, a fight or get you in jail if you threaten someone. You have every right to say what you want. And, the other guy has every right to say what he/she wants. No one has to agree with either side. In this case, neither side is talking about the same issue.

When you tell the lady caller above this she reacts the same way, she cannot hear your national anthem issue because it is all about her underlying cause, not about the anthem and why can't everyone see that!

So, here we are.

For those who sow division in this country, this is perfect. A no-win debate. We are talking about different things and are both infuriated because the other side won't recognize our issue over of their own.

For those who hate Donald Trump, like Democrats & the media, this is another opportunity to attack him, nothing new there, [Lebron, and Don Lemon is one of the flag bearers for the anti-Trump media.]

For the race-baiters this is another opportunity to point to all Trump supports and even all white people as white supremacists.

But, the fact remains, Kaepernick, and everyone who follows, [Lebron] picked the wrong platform for this protest.

We can debate the intended issues for the protest. But, we can't have that debate or shine a light on the issue using the national anthem protest platform. No one will talk to you about it. No one will agree with you. No one will debate with you. No one's mind will be changed. No one will make your issue, their issue too, until you stop trying to tear down the country first. Doing it this way, will lose you the chance to debate the underlying issues.

That is what Donald Trump got applause for in Alabama on [that] Friday. Not because his supporters are all white supremacists, they are not. He recognized that many, many people in this country didn't like the protests, and cannot stand to see anyone, especially rich athletes, tear down this country. I know, its not about the anthem!!!. But, again, supporters of the protests, you are not listening either. Kaepernick picked the wrong platform. When he picked the anthem he picked the anthem debate. Watch his original interview in which he said three times, "I am not going to stand up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color".

At that point it became about the national anthem, not the intended issue. Yeah, but, he was just using it to get attention to the issue of police brutality and targeting of blacks, etc. Well, he got attention all right, attention to disrespecting the anthem. It is now only about disrespecting the country, the people who fought and died for it, and the protestors will not win that debate.

[Nor will you Lebron. You could do soe much good, but you, too, picked the wrong platform.]

Neither will the NFL. By some estimates, at least 40% of NFL viewers are disgusted and many have tuned out. More will too. The NFL is doomed.

The chaos crowd on the left could not be happier about it.

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