Who Shot Zaevion Dobson, and why?

from The Gray Area:

Tonight on the ESPYs, ">a touching video tribute was presented about the life and unnecessary death of a 15 yr old kid in Knoxville, Tn. on December 17, 2015.

Zaevion Dobson died shielding two girls from random gunfire. A truly heroic act and one that apparently was consistent with the young man's character. So sad. So very, very tragic and sad.

The point of the video though, was to promote gun control. The producers said that Zaevion was killed by a gun shot. But, they never said who shot Zaevion Dobson, and why.

According to the confession of one of the perpetrators, ... they went to the Lonsdale neighborhood in retaliation for a gang-related shooting earlier in the night. Police said the group arrived and randomly began shooting because [one of their friend's] mother had been injured by gunfire earlier that night.

So, the reason Zaevion lost his life was gang violence. Random, ignorant, indiscriminate gang violence. The same thing that takes thousands of young kids and adult lives in Chicago every year.

Yes, the tool the gang members used was a gun. But they could have used any weapon. Trying to say that gun violence is, of itself, the problem, is idiotic. It's like saying cars are the reason for auto accidents.

Gangs and drugs have proven to be the problem with gun violence in America. You will not fix that problem by taking guns away from the innocent Americans sitting a home watching this tribute and also wiping tears from their eyes.

You stop gang activity in our cities and towns, you significantly reduce gun violence.

God bless Zaevion Dobson and his family.

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