According to James Wolcott of Vanity Fair, "disillusionment with Obama’s presidency, loathing of Hillary Clinton, disgust with “identity politics,” and a craving for a climactic reckoning that will clear the stage for a bold tomorrow have created a kinship between the “alt-right” and an alt-left. They’re not kissin’ cousins, but they caterwaul some of the same tunes in different keys." The alt-left can’t match that the alt-right for strength, malignancy, or tentacled reach, but its dude-bros and “purity progressives” exert a powerful reality-distortion field online and foster factionalism on the lib-left. Its outlets are many and varied. According to Dan Gainor of FoxNews, we are living in ‘alt-left’ world. The traditional media are obsessed with tying conservatives to the “alt-right.” There have been more than 50 major news network mentions this year alone as journalists try to do what they always do — paint conservatives as racist, sexist, and a few other words that end in 'ist'. All in the name of “tolerance.” But when it comes to the left, there is no alt-left. They are not alternative. Their mainstream is radical and out of the American mainstream on almost everything. This was quite obvious as liberals bemoaned the death of Fidel Castro, a man his own daughter called “a tyrant.” The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. summed up years of devotion, recalling how, “the oppressed the world over joined Castro’s cause of fighting for freedom & liberation.” This is what we must start thinking of as the “alt-left.” “Alt,” not because they are out of the liberal mainstream. They aren’t. Alternative because they are out of the mainstream of an America where 37 percent are conservative and 35 percent are moderate. Just 24 percent are liberal. The alt-left is everything bad the left claims about the right. It is extreme and doesn’t want compromise. It wants to demonize or destroy opponents and intrude into every aspect of our lives. Media outlets that bemoan Trump turning America to the right forget the alt-left support a Socialist had running in the Democrat primary. Good, old-fashioned liberalism has been replaced by a far-more radical brand.

Hate Speech, Justified

from The Gray Area:
The hypocrisy and blindness of hate mongers carrying 'ban hate' signs even.

From the cast of Hamilton harassing VP Pence at a play, to a school teacher accosting Scott Pruitt in a restaurant, the unhinged left is assaulting Trump administration personnel in public with increasing amounts of hate speech and even getting justification for it from the media.

Here is some of the cover from just one article in The Washington Post:

  • For any new presidential team, the challenges of adapting to Washington include navigating a capital with its own unceasing rhythms and high-pitched atmospherics, not to mention a maze of madness-inducing traffic circles.
  • Yet for employees of Donald Trump — the most combative president of the modern era, a man who exists in his own tweet-driven ecosystem — the challenges are magnified exponentially, particularly in a predominantly Democratic city where he won only 4 percent of the vote.
  • For as long as the White House has existed, its star occupants have inspired a voluble mix of demonstrations, insults and satire. On occasion, protesters have besieged the homes of presidential underlings such as Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s political strategist, who once looked out his living room window to find several hundred protesters on his lawn.
  • Yet what distinguishes the Trump era’s turbulence is the sheer number of his deputies — many of them largely anonymous before his inauguration — who have become the focus of planned and sometimes spontaneous public fury.
  • Most of the interactions that Trump’s well-known aides have with strangers amount to nothing more than posing for selfies. But his advisers have also found themselves subjected to embarrassing public spankings, a litany that began even before Trump took office.
  • [George Conway,] referring to his wife, he said, “She has been getting a harder time from me about working for this administration than walking down the street.”
This is why the media supports the meanness, it scares away Trump's bench of support:
  • “I would say it’s burning people out,” said Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former communications director. “I just think there’s so much meanness, it’s causing some level of, ‘What do I need this for?’ And I think it’s a recruiting speed bump for the administration. To be part of it, you’ve got to deal with the incoming of some of this viciousness.”
Newt Gingrich offers some insight on how to handle the crazies:
  • Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally and former Republican House speaker, said the way to end the public confrontations is “to call the police.” “You file charges and you press them,” Gingrich said. “We have no reason to tolerate barbarians trying to impose totalitarian behavior by sheer force, and we have every right to defend ourselves.” He described the president’s opponents as those who “went through a psychotic episode and are having the political equivalent of PTSD. And when they wake up in the morning to the genius that Trump is, he tweets and they say, ‘Oh, my God! He’s still president!’ And they get sicker.” Referring to Trump’s advisers, Gingrich said, “They should take solace in the fact that we must be winning, since these people are so crazy.
Kellyanne Conway dishes it right back at the hecklers:
  • When a stranger at a Baltimore Orioles game took her photo and mumbled that she was famous “for all the wrong reasons,” Conway said she walked over to him. “I’m fluent in ignoramus,” she said. “What did you say?” Then she took her own photo of him and announced that she was adding it to her “collection of underachieving men.”
No chance they are stopping or slowing down, particularly when the media provides support and inspiration like this:
  • After Mink, the schoolteacher, confronted Pruitt on Monday, television news shows sent chauffeur-driven cars to deliver her to their studios. On social media, Mink found herself applauded and chided. She did not appear to mind the attention. After Pruitt resigned, she tweeted: “Hey @realDonaldTrump where are you going for lunch tomorrow?”
Because Trump fights back against the personal and media assaults and doesn't take it lying down like other Republican presidents (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2,) he is called combative, divisive and uninterested in the truth.  The real truth is that these people and the media still don't understand why 60 million Americans voted for and still support the President.  As a result,  this bullying and mob mentality takes over and become justified as 'the people' speaking out.  When in fact, it is just hate, accepted.
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