The Resistance
In the 1980′s the Democrat assault on Republican President Ronald Reagan was immediate and unending, slowed only briefly after his assassination attempt. Similarly, the immediate and continuous assault on Republican President George W. Bush, stalled for only a few months by 9-11, was eventually successful judging by his approval ratings upon leaving office. This, even though facts, vs unfounded accusations, were non-existent. And, now, President Donald Trump. A Republican so reviled by the left that they have yet to be able to come to grips with the fact he won. Of course, you expect the opposition to be just that, the opposition. Republicans were consistently attacking and obstructing President Obama during his two terms. But, this aggressive pattern by the left reveals a much deeper problem than simple political differences. The Democrats and their media allies were so shocked at Donald Trump's Presidential victory, and remain so, that their pattern of contempt, denial, protests, marches, attacks, obstruction and panic has developed its own name - 'The Resistance'. 'The Resistance' is committed to do whatever it can to delay, distract, and defeat every move the Trump Administration tries to make. This attack on free speech is contrary to everything progressives and the left profess to be about. Yet their actions prove different. This is no single position contradiction, but a pattern of hypocrisy from the left. What they are doing is this; 'if you agree with me and my chosen constituents, your speech is approved. If not, your speech must be silenced in anyway necessary'. Certainly not the definition of unity, debate of the issues, compromise or the American way. This plan began immediately after Mr. Trump's November 8th election and continues with growing momentum, if not growing national support.


1/31/17 (and frequently updated)
from The Gray Area:
1/31/17: (and frequently updated)
The Democrats and their media allies were so shocked at Donald Trump's Presidential victory, and remain so, that their pattern of contempt, denial, protests, marches, attacks, obstruction and panic has developed its own name - 'The Resistance'. 'The Resistance' is committed to do whatever it can to delay, distract, and defeat every move the Trump Administration tries to make. Certainly not the definition of unity, debate of the issues and compromise. This plan began immediately after Mr. Trump's November 8th election and continues with growing momentum on the far left, but, not with mainstream Democrats, and, with dubious benefit, and, possibly no broadbased national support. Here is the running list of actions of 'The Resistance'.
    • Shock & Sadness!. Election night reaction from the media to Trump's victory. They had predicted and invested in the election of Hillary Clinton as the 1st woman President.
    • Protests/riots. Protests against Donald Trump begin nightly in cities throughout the country on November 9th the day following the election.
    • Media bias & panic. A few hours after Trump won the election, here are a few quotes from media personalities.
    • Support for protests.  Democrats, Democrat legislators and media operatives cover ad nauseum, justify and cheer Trump election protestors.
    • #AssassinateTrumpThe outrage over Trump’s election as the next president of the United States has triggered a swarm of assassination threats on Twitter,
    • Recount. Green Party candidate demands 3state recounts and pays for them through supposed Green Party donations specifically for the recall.
    • Transition. Obama promised a smooth professional executive transition in public only to inhibit same through action and inaction of bureaucrats.
    • Fake News. Trump and his allies supposedly used fake news stories about Hillary Clinton to mislead voters.
    • Electors. Democrats and their supporters request, assault & threaten State Electoral College Electors to change their vote from Trump.
    • Executive Orders. President Obama issued executive orders & new regulations to establish firewalls designed to distract the new president upon arrival, having to address the 11th hour orders before getting started with his agenda.
    • Russians did it. The left began and continue to push the narrative that the Russians hacked the election to get Trump to win.
    • Picking fights. President Obama continued his plan to pick fights by imposing sanctions on Russia for supposed computer hacking during the election, forcing Vladimir Putin to say that Russia will consider counter measures. This follows the President's cheap parting shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.
    • Trump derangement. Trump is not fit to be President and should be disallowed to be inaugurated via the 25th amendment.
    • Loss of Hope! Michelle Obama tells Oprah this is what the loss of hope feels like.
    • Dossier. A supposed dossier compiled by the intelligence community was presented to Donald Trump and leaked to the media and published by BuzzFeed & CNN. The dossier alleged embarrassing personal details and potentially damaging connections to the Russians.
    • Meryl Streep speech.  At the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep  while accepting an award gives a prepared speech attacking Trump.
    • Trump is illegitimate. John Lewis, Keith Olberman, and others purported that since Clinton won the popular vote and Trump was deranged he was not a legitimate president.
    • Cabinet delays. The Democrats in the Senate vow to delay confirmation of President Trump's Cabinet appointments as long a possible to create difficulty for him to govern effectively.
    • Hate Actions. Ivanka Trump and family verbally assaulted on plane.
    • Hate Speech. Saturday Night Live writer tweets that Barron will be the first 'home school' shooter.
    • Hate Speech 2. Politico reporter sent a tweet accusing Trump of incest.
    • Assassination? CNN discusses the possibility of Mr Trump and Mr Pence being killed just before the inauguration - then who would be President.
    • Empty seats. 70 Democrat legislators decide not to attend the inauguration ceremonies in protest to the new President.
    • More protests. After the inauguration, media and liberals downplay crowds, criticize Trump's speech and display protestors as citizens with legitimate concerns.
    • Women's March. The Women's March for Unity the next day was filled with vile speeches against Donald Trump by celebrities and organizers attended by Democrat representatives.
    • Lawsuit. ACLU and others brings suit against the US and President Trump's temporary immigration order .
    • Insubordination 1. 900 State Department bureaucrats signed a petition saying they will not execute President Trump's temporary immigration order.
    • Insubordination 2. Acting AG informs Justice Dept not to defend the US against lawsuits stemming from this 'unconstitutional' temporary immigration executive order.
    • 10 days. Breaking with historical tradition and basic political etiquette President Obama waits all of 10 days before he criticizes President Trump.
    • Rogue government employees. A ‘rogue’ group of bureaucrats is tweeting secrets from the White House.  They refer themselves as "the resistance inside the administration". Rogue government employees grow representing the 95% that voted for Hillary Clinton and fear 'draining the swamp'.
    • SCOTUS Protests. Before President Trump announces his new Supreme Court nominee, protestors gather outside the Supreme Court building.
    • Fillibuster. Immediately when President Trump announces his choice for empty SCOTUS seat, Senate threatens filibuster to create 60 vote requirement to confirm.
    • Military Coup. Comedian Sarah Silverman tweets a call for a military coup against President Donald Trump.
    • Berkeley Riots. Masked agitators and protestors riot at Berkeley supposedly because a conservative editor was due to speak on campus.  Not directly related to Trump, but another attack on free speech which is at the core of "The Resistance'. Then Director Apatow says he's fired up by Berkeley riot: ‘This is Just the Beginning’
    • "Grab Your Wallet". Left sets up website to boycott companies of Donald Trump. Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump’s name-branded line of clothing and shoes after a weeks long campaign by activist group known as "Grab Your Wallet".
    • Debunked. Frequently used term by media to distract from major points made by Trump officials.  See Kellyanne Conway use of "Bowling Green Massacre" vs "Bowling Green Terrorists". Nothing in her point changed by using 1 wrong word, but the attention is being draw away from that point. Same for her use of the term "alternate facts". This tactic will continue.
    • Cabinet Filibuster #1. A Democrat filibuster was held to delay the confirmation of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.  It failed.
    • Using Children. Chicago Public Schools CEO send kids home with political propaganda against Trump & GOP.
    • Protestors block DeVos from going to work. Protestors successfully blocked new Education Secty Betsy DeVos from going to work.
    • Injunction. A Court in Washington State and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled against Trump’s Executive Order banning entry into the US from 7 specific countries showing the worst of judicial activism.
    • Congressional Silencing. Sen Elizabeth Warren was silenced in Congress for speech ascribing “to another senator or to other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator.”   Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for Ms. Warren and the resistance: "She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,'" Clinton quoted McConnell in her tweet. "So must we all."
    • Meryl Streep speech 2.  Meryl Streep continues her attack on Trump while being given an award at the Humans Rights Campaign Gala saying "Stand up to Brownshirts".
    • SNL mocks Trump Administration.  SNL skits now mock Trump and his key administration figures.
    • Russia again. Conversations with Russian intelligence before inauguration gets NSA Gen. Flynn to resign. Investigations follow attempting to get other Trump administration officials caught in the Russian  collaboration net.
    • Leaks. Administration leaks to media of classified information designed to create disruption and chaos for President Trump.
    • 'Deep State' problems. The Deep State is shorthand for the nexus of secretive intelligence agencies whose leaders and policies are not much affected by changes in the White House or the Congress. While definitions vary, the Deep State includes the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and components of the State Department, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and the armed forces. 'Deep State' officials are holding back information and intelligence from the president.
    • Mentally Ill. A recent letter to the editor in this newspaper, signed by 35 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.
    • Town Hall agitators. During Congressional breaks, leftist agitators are attending Republican town hall meetings in representative districts.  They are well organized agitators and bring media with them to film the disruptive activities and questioning that takes place.
    • Not My President's Day protests. Well organized and funded protests are coordinated around the world against President Trump on US President's Day.
    • Indivisible, a national movement started by Democratic activists. The group had held two meetings to discuss which issues to raise at Town Halls and other gatherings.
    • Refuse Fascism Now. Group insists President Trump is a fascist, more dangerous than Hitler and is urging people to rise up and drive him out of office.
    • Sabotage & Insurrection.  Obama loyalists in Homeland Security are suspected of ‘sabotage’ with leak of travel ban report to AP.
    • Sanjay Gupta. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent seems to be joining the resistance. Dr. Gupta has had a daily healthcare minute, A Better Life,  on many radio stations around the country for several years now.  Usually an interesting and thought provoking healthcare related topic, in 2017 he has turned his program subtly to politics.  Recent subjects have included how to handle a narcissist (I wonder who he is talking about?), sexism harms men's mental health ( again, any suspects?) and teaching kids to spot 'fake news' (topical).  These 3 came out in the past 10 days.  Curious timing.
    • 'A Day Without Women'. On International Women's Day, rallies were held around the country to support women’s rights, oppose Trump policies.
    • The Gorsuch Resistance.  Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination is being aggressively challenged by Democrats after an organized effort by far left organizations targeting the Senate Minority leader.
Do not expect this pattern of childish, politically motivated behavior to stop or slow down. Its the plan. Its 'The Resistance'. The hypocrisy is deafening.

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