The Resistance
In the 1980′s the Democrat assault on Republican President Ronald Reagan was immediate and unending, slowed only briefly after his assassination attempt. Similarly, the immediate and continuous assault on Republican President George W. Bush, stalled for only a few months by 9-11, was eventually successful judging by his approval ratings upon leaving office. This, even though facts, vs unfounded accusations, were non-existent. And, now, President Donald Trump. A Republican so reviled by the left that they have yet to be able to come to grips with the fact he won. Of course, you expect the opposition to be just that, the opposition. Republicans were consistently attacking and obstructing President Obama during his two terms. But, this aggressive pattern by the left reveals a much deeper problem than simple political differences. The Democrats and their media allies were so shocked at Donald Trump's Presidential victory, and remain so, that their pattern of contempt, denial, protests, marches, attacks, obstruction and panic has developed its own name - 'The Resistance'. 'The Resistance' is committed to do whatever it can to delay, distract, and defeat every move the Trump Administration tries to make. This attack on free speech is contrary to everything progressives and the left profess to be about. Yet their actions prove different. This is no single position contradiction, but a pattern of hypocrisy from the left. What they are doing is this; 'if you agree with me and my chosen constituents, your speech is approved. If not, your speech must be silenced in anyway necessary'. Certainly not the definition of unity, debate of the issues, compromise or the American way. This plan began immediately after Mr. Trump's November 8th election and continues with growing momentum, if not growing national support.

Pepsi ad fails in many ways

from The Gray Area,
The new ad from Pepsi starring Kendall Jenner was pulled after, of all groups, the leftist celebrities complained. See FoxNews story below. The real sin of Pepsi was the message in this ad, background music lyric, "we are the chosen". A street protest, positioned as peaceful(wrong), showing a gentle young woman being nice to a cop (wrong), with background music saying we are the chosen (wrong). If Pepsi was trying to take the 70s ad from Coke for the 21st Century, they blew it. And, if this group of 2017 protestors are 60s hippies, they are not non-violent Martin Luther Kings. More From FoxNews-O'Reilly Factor:

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