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This is potentially the tip of a very big iceberg

from The Gray Area:

The debate around the release of the House Intelligence Committee 'memo' on Friday is both enlightening and purposely confusing. The Republicans have called it worse than Watergate in the fraud and corruption it exposes. The Democrats have called is a "nothing burger". They say the memo is politically motivated, is fast and loose with the facts and designed to provide cover for President Trump in the Mueller investigation.

Consistent with the Democrat position, the mainstream media is not covering any details of the 'memo' in their reporting and they are repeating the term "nothing burger" as if provided it in unison by all their editors.

Last week, those same Democrats and media personalities were telling everyone that this memo, if released, would create national security issues and put people's lives at risk. Now released, they say it is a 'nothing burger'. So what were they afraid of? The media, who have been breathlessly chasing the Trump-Russia collusion story with the complete lack of any evidence, seem totally uninterested in this story which includes evidence galore collected from documents and interviews under oath. Why? The Democrats, who now call the memo a 'nothing burger' are aggressively pursuing their own 'memo' (10 pages) to be released to the public from the same House committee. If this Republican memo is a 'nothing burger', why does it require a counter document? Why has Devin Nunes been a target of the left and the media since early in 2017 when he first presented the concept that he had evidence of improper government actions during the 2016 campaign and after? This included having him charged with ethics violations that should have been cleared in days, but ran on for 9 months, after which he was completely vindicated, but put him, as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, out of active participation. A Sen. Grassley memo confirms the Nunes memo and is believed to expose similar corruption in the Obama State Dept. When the Strzok emails reference an 'insurance policy" against a Trump presidency, what does that mean? Could it mean these counter intelligence efforts against Trump campaign? If it does, this fraud can be as far reaching and criminal as any political scandal in our country's history. This assumption is certainly speculation at this point, but it is less speculative than the Mueller investigation. The FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA, IRS, NSA, election system, voting irregularities and potentially the office of the President (Obama).

In the context of a year long national campaign of 'resistance' by the Democrats and the media, the speculation is not that wild.

Listen to the interview with Rep. Devin Nunes below and follow the potential path. You will then ask yourself these questions

- what are the Democrats afraid of? and,

- why does the media not want to pursue this?

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