Around the world, citizens of war torn countries in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), Africa (Libya, Sudan), Central & South America and others are fleeing oppression and death to reach freedom and safety. Europe is being overrun with these refugees. This experience is adding greater fuel to the already passionate immigration debate in the US by the needs of these refugees. We must remember that refugees are a portion of the immigration issue. Compassionately, the plight of refugees needs to be prioritized over all other types of immigration. Realistically, the vetting of legitimate refugees is still required, given the violent turmoil in the world, the infiltration of the extremists into the refugee population and that threats directly at the United States.

Inside the Trump Administration’s Chaotic Effort to Reunite Migrant Families

from The Wall Street Journal,

Officials spent months planning how to separate families coming across the border, but had no good plan when the White House suddenly reversed course.

For months, federal immigration officials along the 268-mile stretch of border that separates New Mexico and West Texas from Mexico had been testing a policy of separating migrant parents from their children. What they didn’t plan for was how to reunite them. When a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reconnect more than 2,600 children separated from their families after a national outcry, the two government agencies in charge—the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services—didn’t have a firm grip on the number of children involved or exactly where they were.

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