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The Definition of "Alternative Facts"

from The Gray Area:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was silenced last night in the Senate for a speech about Sen Jeff Sessions which included reading letters from Ted Kennedy and Coretta Scott King written in 1986. The rule that was used to silence Ms. Warren, Rule XIX, is what it is, to that there is really no question. Yet, from a political standpoint, this silencing will rattle on throughout the news cycles today. But there is a bigger point to be made here, one that no news outlet will discuss. This episode is the definition of "alternative facts". This term was made famous by the mainstream media when used on Meet The Press by Kellyanne Conway, advisor to Pres Trump. The debate was regarding different "facts" about the size of the crowd ad President Trump's inauguration. Since, the mainstream media has used this to denigrate everything the Trump Administration says as not being factual, but instead an "alternative fact". By implication then, all news media coverage, and thus Democrat talking points, is then to be considered "fact", just because they say so. Ms. Warren in her defense of her actions last night attempted the same trick when she said "the facts may hurt". Republicans don't want to hear the facts. Apparently only she and the Democrats have the facts about Sen Sessions. Or, are the facts really just the opinions of Coretta Scott King. Certain opinions then must be considered facts I guess. Like Sen Kennedy's opinion, because he is the liberal lion of the Senate. Opinions are opinions, but they are not necessarily facts. They are interpretations of information, which can be useful, but they are not facts. How about these facts:

The reaction to all this support of black professionals from one of Sen Sessions opponents on Capitol Hill, Rep Cedric Richmond, was this: "History is replete with efforts by those in power ... to legitimize their acts of suppression and intimidation of black voters by recruiting other blacks to assist in bringing trumped up charges against law-abiding citizens who are engaged in perfectly legitimate voter education and empowerment activities.  In this statement you see the consistent Democrat opposition strategy when they hear or see something they don't like, to demonize, deny and distract from facts or opinions , like those comments in support of Sen Sessions, that do not help the Dems politically.  Truth be damned. And, speaking of truth, the primary event that the Democrats want you to believe was a voter suppression effort by Sen Sessions.  Take the time to review that case (left & right versions) in detail.  It was about witnessed ballot tampering reported by black voters, indicted by a majority black grand jury with a black foreman. You will find it was not voter suppression.  It was also not just helping elderly black voters vote. A jury of seven blacks and five whites acquitted the defendants. Those on both sides of the controversy said a struggle between black factions for local political power is part of the problem. Thus the leftist spin can be Sessions was prosecuting trumped up (no pun intended) charges against blacks vs whites in Alabama, even with evidence to the contrary. This episode with Sen. Warren explanation of why she was being silenced in Congress, and all the collective information around Sen. Sessions nomination for Attorney General is the definition of "alternative facts".  My opinions vs your opinions is not a good enough argument.  Instead my opinions are better than your opinions.  It has to be that my opinions are FACTS and yours are "alternative facts". In this case, whose are the "alternative facts"? Wouldn't it be nice if our news media knew the difference between opinion and facts, and presented it fairly and accurately.  

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