War on Men
Is there a "War on Men" to go along with the left's assertion that there is a "war on women"? If you look at the gender learning gap, the fact that boys are falling behind in education, the gender mess in Massachusetts, the attacks on the boys scouts, manhood, football and suicide, you would have to agree that something is going on, whether orchestrated or by accident. Follow the debate below.

CNN, really, your obvious is showing!

from The Gray Area:

CNN states with emphasis in its headline announcing a new Quinnipiac poll that HALF of he people in America think Donald Trump is a racist! Wow, can't wait to read the details of that poll.

Well, go ahead and read them. What you find out is that it is 49% vs 46%, with a margin of error of 3%. So, rounded up, HALF, think Trump is a racist, yet a basically equal amount think he is not. So, CNN hypes the rounded up 50% that think he is a racist vs the rounded up 50% that think he isn't.

This is another example of the bias of the media, or more accurately stated as the anti-Trump bias of the media. Obviously if 50% thinks one thing, then 50% don't. But they don't hype that or even state it in a fair and balanced way. They just hype the negative Trump messaging which supports their position.

By the way, do you think the polling on Trump might be a little more nuanced? Here is another poll from Reuters, of all people - Young White Men prefer Trump. Well only 46%, but this was Rush Limbaugh touting the positive Trump news. No, wait, wouldn't that prove the racist nature of Trump supporters, young white men? Its just too easy to see ...

Vary your news sources.

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