War on Men
Is there a "War on Men" to go along with the left's assertion that there is a "war on women"? If you look at the gender learning gap, the fact that boys are falling behind in education, the gender mess in Massachusetts, the attacks on the boys scouts, manhood, football and suicide, you would have to agree that something is going on, whether orchestrated or by accident. Follow the debate below.

Things You Need to Know About Child Molesters

from Reagan Reports,

In the past few weeks we’ve learned that Josh Duggar was a child molester, allegations that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a child molester and the Methodist Church in the U.K. has apologized for 2,000 cases of abuse dating back to 1950. Child molesters can be found in the highest reaches of politics. Molesters can be television celebrities. And molesters can ply their abuse under the cover of the church. With abusers that pervasive it makes sense to learn more about the perpetrators. Thanks to an excellent article in The Jewish Woman we can. The really bad news in the report titled “Things You Need to Know About Child Molesters” is that child abuse is an infinite chain. “The vast majority of child molesters are male, and most sexual abusers were sexually abused as children.”

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