Polling is an integral part of any election season. As such, we want to display those polls and poll results that are relevant to our readers: Gallup; Pew Research; Rasmussen; Real Clear Politics; networks (NBC/WSJ, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox) and others as relevant.

2020 Presidential Polls, RCP

from The Gray Area:

There are competing polls out almost every day, each saying something different for us to think about. Some telling us about similar trends. Remember 2016, Hillary in a landslide for over 18 months.

This far out, do polls reflect public opinion or create public opinion?

Here is what Real Clear Politics is reporting today:

In Texas: Trump beating every Democrat candidate except Biden

In Michigan: Every Democrat candidate beating Trump.

In North Carolina: Trump beating every Democrat candidate except Biden & Buttigieg.

In Florida: Trump beating every Democrat candidate, tied with Biden.

More From Real Clear Politics:

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