Republicans won the House in 2010 mid-term election, retaining the House in 2012 and claiming the Senate in the 2014 mid-terms. The Republicans continued their climb back to power in 2016 by retaining the House and Senate and adding the Presidency as Donald Trump won a resounding electoral college victory claiming 30 states. Though he lost the popular vote, President Trump moves into 2017 with a populist victory, a conservative agenda and control of the Congress to roll back President Obama's liberal policies.

GOP’s Biggest Task in Midterms: Firing Up Party Loyalists

from The Wall Street Journal,

Poll shows issues popular with Trump’s most ardent supporters aren’t energizing party voters who don’t embrace him.

One of the Republican Party’s main challenges this November comes into plain view in the newest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll—and so does the GOP’s opportunity to address it. The party is suffering from an enthusiasm gap. Asked how interested they are in the midterm elections, 63% of Democrats rate themselves at the highest levels of interest. Only 47% of Republicans do the same. The shortfall is largely due to a group that the Journal/NBC News poll has been calling “Party Republicans”—the 40% of the GOP who may have been loyal party voters for years but don’t fully embrace President Donald Trump.

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