The Democrat Party lost the House in 2010, Senate in the 2014 mid-term elections and President Obama's effectiveness ratings have continued to decline. In 2016 they lost the Presidency to Republican Donald Trump. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, failed to retain the White House with a similar coalition of young people, women and minority voters that swept Barack Obama into office in 2008. Yet the coalition did not show up in the force needed. The Democrat candidate won the popular vote in reliably blue states (California, Washington, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, etc) as a result of overwhelming majorities in major coastal metropolitan areas like LA, SF, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Washington DC). They failed miserably in the heartland and in other blue states in the rust belt (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin) and lost a total of 30 states giving a landslide electoral college victory to the Republican candidate. The Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats at the national, state and local levels nationwide in the past 7 years. How will Democrats react and rebuild for 2018 & 2020?

Focus Group Follow Up, Trump & Hillary Voters Discuss Everything

from CBS 60 Minutes,

Last fall, Oprah Winfrey spoke with 14 Michigan voters, seven of whom voted for Donald Trump. Winfrey sat down with the voters again to get their thoughts on Trump's first year in office.

This was the group when we met them in downtown Grand Rapids six months ago. Fourteen passionately partisan strangers. Now, they greet each other like old friends. Lauren Taylor, a liberal community organizer, and Tom Nemcek, a staunch libertarian and supporter of President Trump, couldn't be farther apart politically. But they took the initiative to bring the group together. Tom, a gun rights advocate, took members of the group shooting. It made such an impression on Laura Ansara, she bought her own gun and joined the NRA.

A few weeks ago, we re-assembled the group— a cross-section of voters selected for us by conservative pollster Frank Luntz. Frank Luntz: I was surprised that they stayed together because there was every reason, based on the conversation, that they would pull themselves apart. Oprah Winfrey: Yeah.

They may know each other a lot better now, but their political views have not changed, especially when it comes to President Trump.

Watch the interview on CBS 60 Minutes:

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