The Democrat Party lost the House in 2010, Senate in the 2014 mid-term elections and President Obama's effectiveness ratings have continued to decline. In 2016 they lost the Presidency to Republican Donald Trump. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, failed to retain the White House with a similar coalition of young people, women and minority voters that swept Barack Obama into office in 2008. Yet the coalition did not show up in the force needed. The Democrat candidate won the popular vote in reliably blue states (California, Washington, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, etc) as a result of overwhelming majorities in major coastal metropolitan areas like LA, SF, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Washington DC). They failed miserably in the heartland and in other blue states in the rust belt (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin) and lost a total of 30 states giving a landslide electoral college victory to the Republican candidate. The Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats at the national, state and local levels nationwide in the past 7 years. How will Democrats react and rebuild for 2018 & 2020?

Elijah Cummings is an embarrassment

from The Gray Area:

This is what Elijah Cummings said in committee about the separated children at the border: Elijah Cummings Rips Republicans For Allowing Trump's Child Internment Camps.

This is Elijah Cummings statement after President Trump signed an executive order to keep children with detained parents at the border: “President Trump is the author of this cruel and immoral chapter in our nation’s history, and he will forever have his name affixed to it. He held these children hostage for his own political purposes. He is finally caving, if one can call it that, only because of relentless national and international condemnation from Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between. “For weeks the Trump Administration has lied to the American people, claiming over and over again that the President could not stop his heartless policy of ripping infants, babies, and toddlers from their parents’ arms. Today’s reversal addresses the immoral policy of separating children from their families, but it retains the ‘zero tolerance’ policy that disregards valid asylum claims, criminally prosecutes everyone, and is completely silent on what will happen to the children already taken from their parents without any recognizable system for reuniting them. “President Trump appears incapable of comprehending the harm he is causing to thousands of children and their families who are fleeing incredibly dangerous violence for the hope of a better life—instead choosing to demagogue them as insects, animals, and sub-human. “Today, I call on the Oversight Committee to start the process of accounting for every single child the Trump Administration separated from his or her parents in the name of the United States of America.” Elijah Cummings, where were you with these impassioned pleas when children were being separated from their parents at the border under Barack Obama? Elijah Cummings is either a liar or the dumbest man in Congress. At a minimum he is a partisan hack. These are not isolated emotional outbursts by Mr. Cummings. He has been confronted and embarrassed for his comments and positions. Elijah Cummings is an embarrassment. An embarrassment to himself, to Congress, to his party and to the people he represents.

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