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You Just Can't Fix Stupid! Understanding Math in NY's Amazon deal.

from The Gray Area:

In addition to people's motivations, Socialists don't understand math. They think it is a zero sum game and if someone has money, then someone else doesn't. Never been true in this country. But, it would be true if they get their way.

Look at the Amazon deal in New York that just got squashed by avowed socialist AOC and incompetent Democrat politicians.

Here is the simple math of the deal, that neither AOC, the socialists or the local Democrat government understand.

RUSH Limbaugh: So the Amazon deal is announced, and Cuomo somehow lets it out that Amazon is getting tax breaks worth $3 billion — and that’s all anybody hears. Cuomo did not communicate properly that Amazon is going to be paying $27 billion in taxes over the course of 10 years. The tax break was not the elimination of taxes. It was just gonna be given a break of $3 billion. But nobody knows that Amazon was gonna pay $27 billion, because Cuomo is so bad at what he does. By the time he finished making his big announcement, what the people of New York heard was that Amazon is given a $3 billion tax break to move to New York and to open a headquarters. And the way they interpreted that is, essentially, “Amazon is being paid $3 billion to come here?

They failed to properly explain that the $3 billion was spread over 10 years and was just a portion of the $27 billion that Amazon was gonna be spending. So none of it exists now. Since Amazon’s not coming, there isn’t $27 billion — and, by the way, Cuomo could use that because he’s got all kinds of wealthy people leaving his state. So he could use the Amazon tax base. He could use that $27 billion in taxes they were gonna pay. But Cortez, she doesn’t know any of that. All she thinks is that the state had $3 billion they were gonna give Amazon for moving in — and now that Amazon isn’t coming, she thinks that she’s got $3 billion to spend!

So, ask AOC where the $3b is that she thinks she has saved to fund higher wages, more teachers, fix subways, etc? What she lost is $27b - 3b = $24b that she could have spent on those things.

You just can't fix stupid!

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