The Russians Did It For Trump!

from The Gray Area:

Day 1 of the Democrat National Conventino in Philadelphia began with chaos.

Russian hackers got 20,000 emails and Wikileaks published them which led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation, DNC embarrassment and assertions of illegitimacy over Hillary Clinton's nomination.

Sanders supporters marched in the streets ans threatened to disrupt activities at the Convention hall.

To the DNC's credit, their selection of Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and ending with Bernie Sanders was the best move they could have made. It gave the crowd radical, liberal red meat to enjoy which did not silence the crowd, but kept the protesting and heckling down some.

Though the Democrat delegates could not help themselves as they heckled the opening prayer. Last year they booed God when he was forced back into their party platform, so I guess this is better? Though a message was apparently sent when a violent thunderstorm arrived in Philadelphia last night shortly thereafter.

To sum up Day 1 at the Democrat convention here is a fact check and a few random observations:

- The Russians want Donald Trump to win. The DNC began pushing the story that not only did Russian hackers get into their systems and retrieve emails, they asserted the Russians did this to help Donald Trump win the election. Wow! War mongering, militaristic Trump is better than passive and weak Hillary to the Russians? This crazy distraction tactic by the DNC is supposedly based on Donald Trump saying he wanted to let Russia have the Baltics, which of course he has never said. Amazing they didn't suggest that the Russians got access to DNC systems after they hacked her private server. That would make more sense.

- Contradictory Messages.

"This is the greatest country on earth" shouted by Michelle Obama, famous for her 2008 statement that [the 2008 election] is the first time she has been proud of her country.

-Corey Booker- Talked about our founding fathers who progressives usually refer to as slave owning hypocrites. Talked about tolerance is not enough, yet the Dems have been screaming tolerance for decades, but now it is not enough. He said individual freedom doesn't accomplish anything, only all of us together. You did not build this alone. Followed by saying countless Americans have provided individual acts of kindness and courage, individuals rose to defeat the British, good men must rise to conquer evil. The said after Dems heckled opening prayer and booed God in 2012 that Dems have the moral high ground. All very questionable statements when measured against party positions and his previous statements in this speech. Talked about Trumps fear and division, then talks about everyone should be fearful of Donald Trump.

And, Bernie said he and Hillary disagree on a lot, but that is okay because that is what democracy is all about. Apparently unless you have a conservative point of view and want to speak at a college or university in this country. That democratic debate is not acceptable.

-Attacks on Donald Trump. Much like the Republican convention last week attacking Hillary Clinton, the Dems did as expected and were on constant attack of Donald Trump. The misrepresentations of his words and record however were much worse, bordering in my opinion on slander and libel.

-Love Trumps Hate. A very good slogan. Though the love they use in this slogan was nowhere to be seen in the rhetoric used last night against Republicans and Donald Trump. I'm afraid that was all hate.

- Fiscal Responsibility. Did anyone hear any of the speakers say how all the giveaway programs mentioned last night were going to be paid for?

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