Russian hacking is now news, why?

from The Gray Area:

Russian hacking during US elections is a serious issue for all Americans. So is Russian hacking of US businesses, broader US government agencies, etc. Sen. Mitch McConnell said that we have evidence the Republicans were also attacked. I have no doubt the Russians and others are involved. This is a broad effort that does require our attention at the highest levels.

But, cyberattacks are not new news. It has been happening for years. Heck, even this website gets hacked by the Russians, the Chinese, and others and has for years. So why is this news now?

The issue is three fold.

1. What do you do with Russia when you catch them "redhanded" as a state sponsor? Individual Russian techno-nerds perform computer hacks every day, just like US techno-nerds do. This hacking is an important issue on a daily basis, but it becomes a serious global issue when a state sponsors these activities. And, why now? Cyberattacks, WikiLeaks, etc. is not new today. It is news today because also getting caught "redhanded" was the Democrat Party. They need to blame someone other than themselves. 'Blame' is a consistent damage control strategy of the left. Today it is the Russians. When Mitt Romney warned them in 2012 about the Russians, Obama and team laughed at him. Russia is not a problem they said. And, here we are, 4 years later. This is an example of the failure of leadership to protect the country from all external attacks, physical or in the ether. Now we have to take corrective action. And, ahh, why are we only looking at Russia?

2. Shouldn't you have known? Shouldn't you have protected yourself? Isn't this why Hillary's carelessness with her private email server is such an issue. When you know that other countries, like ours, are expanding their espionage to include cyberattacks and that other actors are playing in the game as well, shouldn't you take serious measures to protect your information? Not make it easy to hack. Especially when you are getting classified information on a regular basis. Better to point the finger at someone else. This is a failure of leadership, of vision, of judgement and more basically, a failure of simple organization management competence.

3. The 'blame' game. Here is where the 'blaming' goes on steroids. Not only are the Democrats blaming Russia for the hacks on the Democrat Party and the Hillary server, they are saying that it was to help Trump get elected. Trump has a close relationship with Putin the media tells us. They are hacking our elections! That fear strategy gets everyone's attention doesn't it and takes Russian hacking to another level. Of course, though, it doesn't pass the common sense test. If the Russians were attacking our elections to make someone win, they would not make Trump win. Even the Democrats say they fear he runs the risk of creating a nuclear war with his hawkish language. Is that who the Russians want as President? Of course not. They would want Hillary. With Obama, they have walked all over the world with impunity. It would be the same with her. Having someone potentially stand in their way is not what they would want, now is it?

We need to do more than investigate Russian hacking. We need to make sure we have people that are serious and processes that are rock solid about protecting the government, the people, and the people's information from these type of attacks.

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