Julian Assange Full Interview with Sean Hannity

from FoxNews,
Fascinating interview with the founder and editor of Wikileaks. The following are bullet points of his comments in the interview:
  • Russia is not the source of Wikileaks publication of emails.
  • NO Wikileaks contact with Putin or Trump
  • Obama statements on Russian hacking are legally drafted to create the impression that Russians tried to affect the election without saying that.
  • Did Russians hack voting machines = NO
  • This publicity campaign by the Obama administration is intended to harm and de-ligitimize the Trump administration. They will harp on this for the next 4 years.
  • This is a serious attempt to distract from the content of Wikileaks publications.
  • The NY Times published information on Trump taxes that was illegally acquired. NY Times says they would have done what Wikileaks did if they had the info on Democrats. Would the NY Times have withheld incriminating details on the Democrat Party and specific operatives?
  • The Democrat Party focuses on short term wins instead of substance.
  • The public is not going to by this.
  • Would Wikileaks have published information negative to Trump if they had it? YES. In 2008 Wikileaks published info on Sarah Palin.
  • Dec 29th report issued to detail how Russia is linked to Democrat Party office hack is a poor report.
  • The report includes 5 page description of some of the tools they alleged were Russian tools, the rest is security recommendations with a disclaimer saying nothing in this report can be deemed accurate.
  • These tools are commercially available tools produced by Ukraine.
  • Podesta responded to a 'phishing' expedition on the Clinton server. His password was 'password'. A 14 year old could have hacked this server. No protection from foreign hacking attempts.
  • Media in America is dishonest and collusive with the Democrat Party. Not necessarily corrupt as in taking money.
  • Wikileaks reports exposed Democrats as using racist language, being anti-Semitic, and homophobic.
The following is the interview as presented on FoxNews-Hannity. More From YouTube:

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