Election Interference - China is trying to get a new American President.

from The Gray Area:

The opposite is always true when you are looking at the media narrative of the day.

The media narrative of the day for the past year and a half has been Donald Trump was colluding with Russia and Russia was trying to elect Trump. This is wrong. The facts have proven out that Russia was not trying to elect Donald Trump. That Trump was not colluding with Russia. Russia was as it has always been, trying to sow confusion in our elections and our democratic process. They went after both Hillary and Trump during the 2016 elections.

However, we now find that China is very upset that Donald Trump because he is trying to balance trade between our countries and China doesn't like this attention to what they do. Thus, they are actively going after him in this mid-term election and setting up for the 2020 presidential election trying to get a new Congress and President.

To meet the left's social agenda objectives, they must ignore the rest of the world. Leave world leadership and American interests to the UN. When that happens people like Russia, China, Iran and other bad actors around the world can do what they want with impunity. You saw that throughout the Obama years.

China realizes this and that's why they are unhappy with Donald Trump who is paying attention. This was alluded to in VP Pence speech that we will not stand by and let this continue.

The Republicans, at least the current Republican administration, are constantly looking out for America and looking forward. Even in the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney told Barack Obama to watch out for Russia, at which point Obama laughed at him as did his political and media allies. Yet, the last 18 months that has been the popular historical political narrative. Not what is going to happen now or in the future, but what happened in the past and the left has been trying to spin it politically to regain power for their overall objective.

China knows this. China pays attention. And, China knows what's in it's own best interest. They know it hurts them to negotiate fairly with the US so they want it to stop. They want a Presidential administration in that really doesn't care about that and only cares about their social agenda, identity politics and special interests getting what they want inside the US.

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