Hey Bernie Supporters, This Is Socialism!

from The Gray Area:

There is an old saying when reading about the food riots in Venezuela. When there is food on the table, there are many problems. When there is no food on the table, there is only one problem.

In 2008, during the US Presidential campaign of Barack Obama, he and his supporters were pointing at the Venezuelan model and its leader, Hugo Chavez, for an example of how "share the wealth" was supposed to work.

Chavez, a typical socialist tyrant, using the high prices for oil to pay for his agenda, and lifestyle, was a model of socialist success. And a model of socialist success was then and is still much needed for those who espouse its benefits.

Venezuela's decline was unusually quick, but nonetheless predictable. There has never been a socialist success.

As noted in the column below from HotAir, Venezuela's collapse is revealing two Venezuelas. The elite friends of the Venezuelan leaders are not struggling for food. The people of Venezuela are starving.

Under capitalism, rich people become powerful. Under socialism, powerful people become rich.

This condition is not affecting Venezuela alone. Others who followed Venezuela down the socialism drain are feeling similar pains and looking for solutions. TIME Magazine noted where others are turning in its recent article, that Thanks to Economic Turmoil, Left-Wing Latin American Countries Are Turning Right. The article states; ... bad times ... triggered the fall of one left-wing government after another. Since last November in Argentina, where zero growth and 25% inflation led to the defeat of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, leftist governing parties have suffered setbacks under Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador and Ollanta Humala in Peru, culminating last month in the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. The fall of the left in Latin America has been attributed to everything from machismo to colonialism, but I’d suggest there’s a more global story at play. ... the political rhythms of countries follow a cycle that mimics the circle of life: crisis gives birth to reform, which triggers a boom, which inspires complacency, which kills reforms and leads to a new crisis. ... What has happened in Latin America is in part anti-left, but its gut aim is to throw the bums out. The common thread is zero to negative growth with high inflation—up to 100% in Venezuela—and a population fed up with a regime grown stale after a decade or more in power.

Followers of Bernie Sanders brand of unapologetic socialism, pay attention. The result of this ideology is everywhere to be seen. But, you have to look. The media, with its institutional bias and incompetence, won't tell you.

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