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Hate Speech has been a subject of political discourse since the founding. Unfortunately, "Hate Speech" has now been established by the national Media as only a one-sided (Right) tactic. This message is regularly repeated and sadly even falsely identified as right wing hate speech (Tucson shooting of Rep. Giffords). The problem is actually non-partisan as it has always been. However, the venom being spewed by the Left is either not mentioned or obtusely justified by the national Media (Reps are racist). In the section below, to balance the message and present the true picture, we identify the "hate speech" on both sides. This page is different from the others on this site. The media outlet will usually be pointing the finger the other way. Thus, it is necessary to use "right leaning" media to identify "left wing" hate speech. And, use "left wing" media to identify "right wing" hate speech. So don't be confused when you read for example "Media Matters" on the right and the The Media Research Center on the left. It is necessary for you our reader to identify accurately the 'hate speech' sources, versus the media outlet, degrading the national political discourse. So left complaints about the right are reported on the right. Right complaints about the left are reported on the left.

This is what Democrats present as a representative of the people!

from The Gray Area,
Rep. Jim Hines, D-Conn, made the following statement. From FoxNews: Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., blamed his "lizard brain" on Thursday for wanting bad things to happen to President Trump.He made those comments on CNN where host Wolf Blitzer asked him whether, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., he wanted to see Trump "in prison.""More than anything else," he told Blitzer. "This isn't about my feelings or about retribution. Look, the lizard brain that I have says I hope bad things happen to this man because he has been so destructive to our Republic, to the concept of democracy, to the concept that internationally we are a light unto the nations." The hate spewing from his mouth is one thing, we've become accustomed to that from the Trump Derangement Syndrome Democrats, especially since the Mueller Report came out. But, the 'wishing Trump harm' - that goes beyond the pale of human decency and borders on secret service attention being paid to Rep. Himes. If this was a Republican saying such a thing about a Democrat, the cries for apologies and being removed from his position would be unending. But nothing like that here, just crickets from the left wing media and Republicans. And, no apology from Rep. Himes. But, lets look at the reasons he says he wants bad things to happen to this president. None of them are true. It is just more of the hypnotic rantings of the Democrats and their radical leftist base.
  • He has not been destructive to our republic - he is making America Great Again.  He is destructive to the agenda of the left.
  • He has done nothing destructive to our democracy, that is just crazy talk.
  • And, internationally, Trump has restored America's moral, political & military leadership for the world.
Sure, Donald Trump can be caustic and rough in his language. Republicans wish he could be more restrained, but they love that he fights back. And, remember, he is usually hitting back at someone who has said the same or worse about him.

Rep. Himes is right though, it is not 'retribution', it is jealousy and fear. Jealous that he can get things done in spite of their unrelenting attacks. And fear, fear that he is going to expose there corrupt government 'deep state'. More From FoxNews:

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