Hate Speech
Hate Speech has been a subject of political discourse since the founding. Unfortunately, "Hate Speech" has now been established by the national Media as only a one-sided (Right) tactic. This message is regularly repeated and sadly even falsely identified as right wing hate speech (Tucson shooting of Rep. Giffords). The problem is actually non-partisan as it has always been. However, the venom being spewed by the Left is either not mentioned or obtusely justified by the national Media (Reps are racist). In the section below, to balance the message and present the true picture, we identify the "hate speech" on both sides. This page is different from the others on this site. The media outlet will usually be pointing the finger the other way. Thus, it is necessary to use "right leaning" media to identify "left wing" hate speech. And, use "left wing" media to identify "right wing" hate speech. So don't be confused when you read for example "Media Matters" on the right and the The Media Research Center on the left. It is necessary for you our reader to identify accurately the 'hate speech' sources, versus the media outlet, degrading the national political discourse. So left complaints about the right are reported on the right. Right complaints about the left are reported on the left.

I thought we were supposed to bake the cake?!?

from The Gray Area:

American leftists expose themselves constantly these days. They expose themselves as bullies, as intolerant, as self centered, self righteous, narrow minded, etc, etc, etc. This time, the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington Va., asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave Friday night.

Everything the left asks others to do, they will not do themselves. They say they want unification, equality, non-discrimination, yet given the opportunity to practice what they preach they don't display any of these qualities. The they try to justify it with statements of 'higher loyalty', higher morals and the like.

They are hypocrites, or 'hypocrats' as I call them.

Remember how the business owner who would not make a cake for a gay wedding was the worst of people, who needed to be tolerant of those he disagrees with and should be forced to serve those customers. Yet radical Democrats, leftists, members of the resistance, they don't practice the same thing. They think they are better than that and can pick and chose who they believe is dangerous and don't have to be allowed to support. Like those who work for a duly elected President.

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