Obviously Afghanistan has been the primary focal point in the War on Terror since September 11, 2001 when the United States was attacked and about 3,000 people were murdered. The US government identified Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda organization based in and allied with the Taliban, the Islamic government in Afghanistan, as the perpetrators of the attacks. While political and military mistakes have been made in this 10 year conflict, we have been successful and destroying the violent Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership and allowing a government friendly to its neighbors to hopefully evolve. This evolution will take time and be difficult, so our commitment should not waver, but our need for regular military forces in Afghanistan has ended. Continuing to watch and appropriately react to developments in Afghanistan will be an important political issue.

Obama Finally Makes A Good Foreign Policy Decision, And A Better Political Decision

from The Gray Area:

President Obama announced today that he plans to keep American troops in Afghanistan past his previous 2016 deadline. This is due to increased violence and insurgent success, like Taliban forces taking over Kunduz.

This flip-flop in decisions and perceived negative impact on his legacy (he said in 2008 he was going to leave Iraq and Afghanistan before 2016) will actually be a great political move for President Obama and Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Because it comes at a time when his foreign policy is recognized as a failure due to a large number of actions including his lack of ability to realistically access situations worldwide. He can now point to this as a realistic assessment of the situation in Afghanistan and that he is taking appropriate action regardless if it looks like he is flip flopping. Republicans will not be able to attack him for his early withdrawal in Afghanistan as they would have if he had not made this decision. Hillary Clinton will not have to be attacked for her involvement in an Administration that can't handle foreign policy. The opposite will actually be the case. "Look at how our measured approach makes sense", they will say.

Of course, the Obama/Clinton foreign policy doesn't make sense, but it is much more difficult now to easily & effectively criticize.

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