U.S. Plans New Iran Sanctions as Europe Tries to Defuse Tensions

from The Wall Street Journal,

President Trump, aides have indicated they are prepared to wait for the economic vise on Tehran to tighten further, but face calls at summits this week to show restraint.

The U.S. plans to impose major new sanctions on Iran, signaling it won’t ease pressure despite a diplomatic push by European leaders to persuade Washington and Tehran to show restraint. The administration has ratcheted up economic pressure on Tehran since President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018, hoping to drive Iran to accept a tougher agreement that would end uranium enrichment and curb its regional ambitions. In recent weeks, Iran has pushed back. Washington has blamed Iran for attacks on tankers, while Tehran downed a U.S. drone and has threatened to violate some terms of the 2015 pact. In mounting its pressure campaign, the U.S. is seeking ultimately to drive the Islamic Republic’s oil exports to zero.

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