Importance of coup in Turkey cannot be overestimated

from FoxNews Insider,

Dr. Sebastian Gorka spoke about the reported military coup underway in Turkey, saying that its geo-strategic importance "literally cannot be overemphasized." Gorka said that in the last few years under the reign of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the country, which controls the largest NATO military in Europe and was a pivotal Cold War ally, has become a "fundamentalist nation...run by a crypto-Muslim Brotherhood type of elite." "And now the military has said 'Enough is enough. We're taking our country back.'" Gorka said that after years of Erdogan intimidating the country's military elite, they have stepped up and said, "You've been playing footsie under the table with he Islamists. You've been helping ISIS. We're going to stop it." "This is big news," he added.

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