March 22, 2012 •Al Qaeda says it killed American teacher in Yemen
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FoxNews reported today that Al Qaeda's Yemen branch said it killed an American teacher because he was trying to spread Christianity in the mainly Muslim Arab nation. Joel Shrum, a 29-year-old native of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, was gunned down on Sunday in the central city of Taiz, where he had been living with his wife and two sons. He was studying Arabic and teaching English at a language institute.

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When are we going to do something about Americans being targeted around the world at random? It is apparently okay for this to happen, since we do nothing to stop it. When are we going to pay attention to our own soldiers who may have reached their breaking point in combat so as not to worsen already sensitive relations in Afghanistan? When are we going to either pull out or stand strong in Afghanistan? The current weak position allows the Taliban and other insurgents to re-emerge before we have even left. January 26, 2012 USA TODAY reported IED attacks in Afghanistan set record

And by just sitting there, we look like a people who can do nothing about it!

Unfortunately that is true. Everywhere in the world, even here at home, Americans are still not safe. February 18, 2012 the Wall Street Journal reported Suspected Terrorist Arrested Near Capitol At least we got him. In the meantime, Eric Holder is looking for a legal way to go after American born terrorists abroad. March 5, 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported "US to offer legal backing for 'targeted killings' of Americans overseas". What? We have legal ways when people break the law. We can arrest and or kill Americans at home if they have gone on TV and vowed to kill fellow Americans, bomb buildings, rob banks, etc. Go after the criminals and take them alive to stand trial or kill them. Remember Bonnie & Clyde & John Dillinger. You may not like it, but those ambushes were necessary, appropriate, ended the problem and sent a message - we will not stand for this - period!

Instead of tucking our tail and walking away, we need to turn around and take a stand - we will not tolerate indiscriminate attacks and killing of Americans - anywhere - period! A prior President made such a stand ("you are either with us or against us!") and it put us on a path to a much better position of safety and respect around the world (even though the leftists who hate America want you to believe different and continue to try to undermine our efforts from within). Since President Bush left office, we have been cowering and our enemies have been watching, slowing increasing their re-emergence like a snake emerging from its hole, trying to see how far it can get. Waiting for them to re-emerge and again do real damage is not the strategy to fix the problem. And diplomacy in the form of "...oh, please, won't you leave us alone...", emboldens the evil doers. Even the spectacular success in getting Bin Laden is becoming a small island in a large sea of trouble.

No one wants to be a war...but we are at war...and have been since it was declared on us in 1995. And we saw that coming since the late 1980s. No one wants it, but when it is forced upon you, great people and great nations recognize the time and stand up for freedom and against evil. We cannot let the world down, by continuing to miss our time to lead.

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