There is a difference in doing something that feels good or doing something that works

from The Gray Area:

The tragedy at Parkland, Florida last week has dominated the news. The Democrats and their mainstream media support have focused as usual on gun control as a solution to the problem of mass shootings. Unfortunately, the number of mass shootings over the past 8 years have given us plenty of time to exercise this argument. The tired line has been refuted many times before and the same applies after this sad event. But, is having more of this deadlocked debate all we can do? We should be able to agree on some basic concepts, such as: - We are all tired on these mass shootings. Yes. - No more children should feel their life is in danger at school or should die at school. Yes. - Democrats & Republicans must find a way to identify the cause and solution to these mass shootings. Yes. That's about as far as it goes on agreement. The last point, what requests we identify the cause, is a point on which we may not get agreement. The left believes the cause is a lack of effective gun control. The right thinks the cause is mental health and much more. And, anti-gun members of Congress and their cheerleaders in the press demonize the NRA and its members for standing in the way of “progress.” Paul Muschick, a reporter for The Morning Call, isn’t always on the right side of the gun debate, but in a recent “The Watchdog” column, he brought a key argument to light. “The reality is this: people who want a gun have many ways to get one. They can borrow one from a relative or a friend. They can steal one. They can buy one illegally on the street,” Muschick wrote after Justin Kephart killed his mother and fired more than 100 rounds during a stand-off with police in December. “Too many people look at laws as a way to stop crime. Laws instead should be viewed as a way to punish those who commit crime." Today students from Parkland walked out of school and went to Tallahassee to protest guns at the state capitol. An impressive show by these young people.

But, to see a tragedy like this politicized this way is extremely sad and despicable. Oh, you don't think it is being politicized. When school protestors carry signs with Democrat talking points, are bused to a protest rally in the state capitol and plan another one in March at the US capitol. When Hollywood leftists are donating funds for the effort. When the Women's March organizers are doing the planning. How can you say it is not being politicized? Okay, how about this? "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." Rahm Emmanuel, Obama Chief of Staff. That should do it. Clearly using tragedy for political gain is part of the Democrat strategy. In an attempt to do something, President Trump has made some verbal concessions this week regarding bump stocks, minimum age, mental health, and improved background checks. These policies are likely to make Republicans and the NRA uncomfortable. He has also added concealed carry in schools as another proposal that in my belief would have the most immediate impact. Democrats and the leftist media, however, are not accepting his efforts, calling his proposals political PR. Why are the Democrats not happy about the President's movement in their direction? Why can't the Democrats move a little in his direction as well since he has moved away from some Republican and NRA positions? Democrats especially hate the armed personnel in schools. They will give up on the other items they want to not have guns in schools. They are either stupid, not interested in fixing the problem, or focused only on elimination of guns. To fight against President Trump here clearly signals they are focused only on elimination of guns, period. There is a difference in doing something that feels good, doing something political or doing something that works. We should all want to do something that works.

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