10 solutions to stop school shootings

from The Gray Area:

First, define the problem. Makes sense to first accurately define the problem we are attempting to solve. Mass shootings are happening, but we have yet to apply any thinking to what is causing them. What is the cause of this problem from the left - guns. Now they have taken advantage of the kids from Parkland for the "March For Our Lives" rally against guns. Gee, thanks for your help. Using teenagers like this to repeat your tired message reveals the dangerous child-like political and emotional solution to the problem that you present. Guns are not the solution because they are not the problem. We are all tired of these shootings and for that matter all murders, molestation and abuse of our children by guns, knives, bombs, baseball bats, sex or otherwise. So, lets define the source of the problem and offer some solutions. The Problem. What is causing these mass, school shootings? Republicans, and some Democrats have put forth a definition of the problem, mental health. This is at least a start in the right direction. But, what is the definition of mental health? Is there more to the problem? Yes, there is more. We need a serious and clear definition of the mental health problem and a serious and mature solution to that problem, followed by courageous and determined action, not political correctness. All mass shootings are the result of societal and cultural degradation. If you have a solid culture, with understood and accepted behavioral norms, you will not have recurring situations like mass, school shootings. The USA ( and the world for that matter ) is in the middle of societal collapse. All norms and standards of behavior are being attacked, disrespected and dismantled. Underlying this lack of standards of behavior is, expecting personal responsibility, in yourself and others. Personal responsibility is not in vogue on the left. Victimhood is. Be a victim, carry a sign, but don't take responsibility for what happens to or around you. You see that in the #MeToo movement and in the gun control debate, among others. Self defense is personal responsibility. No tolerance rule sin school effectively eliminate self defense. So bullying and other anti-social behavior festers. Self defense is consistently denied by the left in their gun control hysteria. Victims are dependent. And dependency is critical to the left's objective of government control of people according to the ideology of the controlling elite. The situation at Parkland HS in Florida reveals this very clearly. If the people around the perpetrator(s), who are in a position to stop the murderous rampage, would have taken even a minimal amount of personal responsibility, this alone would correct the problem. And, to their credit, they almost did. But, some minimal level of responsibility on the part of the foster parents and the FBI let the perp slip through the cracks. Same thing in the Sutherland Springs church shooting where the Air Force did not perform its minimal level of responsibility and let a killer slip through the cracks. Human error will always be with us. However, ignoring the simple fact that this would have saved precious lives, is the worst of human error. When you apply this picture to other mass shootings, you see the breakdown in our society and culture. Over the past 50 years we have not allowed anyone to seriously identify anyone who is a potential problem. It is bad for that person's self esteem they would say. It violates their civil rights they would say. Nothing can be done until they do something, they would say. And then, when they do something, they say, why didn't someone do something to prevent it. Teachers in schools used to be able to discipline disruptive kids, send them home or otherwise identify them and keep them out of school. No more. Discipline in schools is non-existent. Coaches used to be a disciplinary presence. No more. Lawsuits, civil rights activists, radical leftist lawsuits, non-supportive parents all contribute to the problem. What do schools do to bullies? Nothing, they move the person being bullied out of the school. So who suffers consequences? Not the bully. What happens if a kid fights back against a bully in school? Remember, self defense. That kid is in as much trouble as the bully because there is a 'no tolerance for fighting' rule. Translated means, no adult wants to make the judgement of who is right or wrong. So, neither do the kids. Speaking of discipline, where is the discipline in families? That is where it all starts, the family. Families have been significantly diminished over the past 5 or 6 decades. Where nuclear families still exist, both parents working outside the home creates more challenges. The saying 'so goes the family, so goes the society' is proven again. How about community law enforcement? Everyone knows they are under continual attack generating nothing but disrespect and inaction. How about the in-home baby sitter, the television? Television defined as traditional TV, cable TV, Netflix, YouTube, computers, social media, video games, et al. Violence, 'assault weapons', people dying without emotional involvement, young kids spending formative years killing people without consequence. What do we expect our kids to think about life and death! Add to this the casual discussion of life & death in our society including assisted suicide, abortion, and media 24/7 saturation there is no wonder that our society is dripping with wounds. This situation is nothing new. But the worst of incompetence is that we have not done anything about it. Instead the left focuses all its money on politicization of tragedies and eliminating guns. Even if Republicans introduce a discussion of ways to make these cultural changes, the left resists with all its force because correcting these societal issues will harm the Dem's progressive goals and harm the chaos goals of the worldwide Marxism movement. Media 24/7 saturation of mass shootings creates copycats. This concept is also not new, just ignored. Don't think these are copycats? You are just DEAD wrong. Look at the history of these societal outbursts. Media hype ... then more of the hyped action ... more media hype ... more copycats, before it subsides and turns into some new area of hype. You can almost tell in advance based on what the media hypes, what will happen next. You see it in the #MeToo movement now. Started with the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations. Media hype. Dems feel harmed and try to turn the story away from them. More media hype. A hashtag develops. Media latches on, more media hype. New allegations adding widely diverse misconduct and it becomes a movement. Somebody define for me the solution that is being pursued by the people hyping this hashtag? You can't. Other than attacking men as having too much 'toxic masculinity'. Which the media continues to hype every day. Breaking down more standards without one positive statement of what the source of the problem is and what are we going to do to correct it. This can go on and on, but the picture is very clear. The problem is the collapse of our families, our standards and our culture. The culture that Alexis de Tocqueville described in Democracy in America over 180 years ago that Democracy was the equation that balanced liberty and equality. That personal property, religion, a vibrant civil society functioning according to political and civil laws of the state, was a society where hard work and money-making was the dominant ethic, where the common man enjoyed a level of dignity which was unprecedented, every man works to earn a living.... Labor is held in honor; the prejudice is not against but in its favor; a population devoted to "middling" values which wanted to amass, through hard work, vast fortunes. In Europe, he claimed, nobody cared about making money. The lower classes had no hope of gaining more than minimal wealth. At the same time in America, workers would see people fashioned in exquisite attire and merely proclaim that through hard work they too would soon possess the fortune necessary to enjoy such luxuries. And, generation after generation did just that! That was and is the glue that holds this country together and makes it 'exceptional'. That is systematically being torn apart, on purpose, for political advantage. The result is a society with gaping wounds that shows up in anti-social behavior, like mass school shootings. Do I have to mention the removal of God? Of course not. Well known part of the problem and again regularly ignored. All of this is the reason for our mass and school shooting problem. Here is the solution. Take action. Some immediate, some lay the groundwork for solutions that will take longer. Only minimal gun control included and that is not necessary if the other actions are taken. So, lets say gun control is included as negotiation for the other 9 items. The truth about school violence and mass shootings comes down to the following 10 items: 1. Personal Responsibility vs political correctness. Expect everyone, students, parents, school administrators, police, politicians, to take personal responsibility for their actions and the actions of others. 2. Mental Health. Take lunatics off the streets. Get them help. Stop making excuses for not stopping dangerous people. 3. Return Discipline in schools. Take trouble makers out of schools. Take bullies out of schools. Punish disruptive kids. Send the offending kid home to their parents. If parents complain, get tough with irresponsible parents, too. Pubic schools are not a home for delinquent kids or baby sitters for their parents. If parents can't discipline their kids, the schools will or those kids will not be allowed in school.

5. Secure our schools. Stop leaving schools as gun safe zones, meaning no guns. The only guns allowed are those of the perps. All that does is make them a target for crazies. No resistance. We have police in schools, arm them. Arm anyone else that it makes sense to arm. Don't have to arm everyone. We don't arm everyone on airplanes. But, the bad guys, and the good guys, know that there is someone on your plane, a sky marshal, ready to draw down on a bad guy. Make the statement that if you come in this school with bad intentions your life will be in danger. Don't come in with bad intentions or make a stupid mistake because you will risk harm to yourself. Yelling bomb in an airport will get you in serious trouble, even if its a joke. In school if an angry student or parent makes a scene or says something stupid, in person or on social media, they get the same kind of police attention. Allow police to take appropriate action. Have law enforcement and/or the FBI take threats seriously, follow up and take appropriate action on obvious serious threats like this one in Florida. 6. Make families important again. Stop attacking nuclear families, calling them outdated, or diminishing their significance. Celebrate families. Celebrate marriage and the commitment it represents. This over time will repair the damage done by those on the left who have been attacking marriage, sneering at commitment, or lowering standards for marriage. 7. Movies & Video Games. Gratuitous violence is to be harshly regulated and not hyped or celebrated in advertising and media with the "next release of XYZ" games or the latest violent movies. 8. Raise Standards, return God & faith back to schools. Re-establishing standards (10 commandments for example) and teaching those standards will make a big difference. Enforcing school standards and rules will create a norm of acceptable behavior. If you say the rule is 'X', then enforce 'X'. Speaking of standards, everything in our society has lower standards. Our schools, our jobs, our sports figures, our celebrities, our education. Raise the standards, everywhere. In families, in schools, in communities, in the nation. No more accepting or worse, making up excuses, for poor performance, rule breakers or bad behavior. Consequences exist and will be measured out. Overcome and achieve, or don't. Period. 9. Expect more from the media. Yeah, not realistic, I know, but necessary. 10. Gun Control. Eliminate bump stocks and anything that makes a semi-automatic weapon an automatic weapon. Force all states and government agencies to report to the background checks database. Is this more difficult than just saying 'no more guns'? Yes it is. Chanting a slogan is not a solution, its political propaganda. Learn to ignore the propaganda. Make an honest evaluation and definition of the problem. Difficult decisions and actions are the solution and it's time we took some. Mass shootings all have a cause and the cause may be somewhat different by perpetrator and situation. But, the foundation on which the cause is based is the collapse of our American culture. When we have that, the mass and school shootings will be significantly diminished. P.S. This plan will help with all gun violence, too, with the addition of two other items, gangs and drugs. Strengthen police to eliminate both in our cities and gun violence will be significantly reduced.

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