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What to Know: The Wall Street Journal says many Republican governors are looking to focus more on increasing education spending, and less on finding efficiencies. “Several GOP governors running for re-election are looking to make a similar pivot, after a wave of teacher protests rocked state capitals this spring, highlighting the issue of school funding,” the newspaper explains. “Though Republicans for years found popularity with pledges to run schools more efficiently with less money, they are now learning that the tax cuts and smaller budgets of the last decade are resonating less with voters. In a June Marquette University poll of Wisconsin voters, 59% said they would rather increase school funding than cut taxes.” The TPPF Take: It’s not how much we spend, it’s how we spend it that counts in educational attainment. And where is the extra money going to come from? “Officials all across the country say they want to put more funding into education,” says TPPF’s Emily Sass. “But they hardly ever say where that additional money is almost certainly going to come from—taxpayers’ pockets. If you’re going to promise voters increased spending, you need to be honest with them about the tradeoff—it’s usually either cutting other services or increased taxes.”

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