War on Terror
Do you believe the United States is at war? Is there a declared War on America underway at this time? Has it been underway for almost 20 years? The answer is yes to all three questions. If you said "no" to any of these questions you are wrong! You have most likely been infected by the agenda peddling of the American mainstream media. To help you understand the facts, watch the National Geographic documentary, Inside 9/11-War on America. This series can be purchased at NatGeo or you can view it on YouTube. The YouTube videos are divided into 12 segments, segment 1 of 12 can be found here. The other 11 episodes can be found in the same YouTube area. Some like to make fun of the title "War on Terror". "What kind of war is that?" "It is a made up War." "We are fighting a War in Iraq and a War in Afghanistan, not a War on Terror." Well, as for fighting individual wars, that is just moronic. We were fighting multiple fronts in Europe and Asia as a part of the WWII effort. This War on Terror effort is and will continue to be fought on multiple fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq, now ISIS, Libya, Yemen, maybe Iran, and unfortunately here at home). So, call it anything you want, but it is real. And, as with every other war, history will find an appropriate label for this conflict and this period in human history. If you believe that this threat is over now due to the killing of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011, then you are again wrong. The War on America continues. This unconventional war was helped by having an inspirational leader like Bin laden, but survives with the same objective to destroy "the great Satan", infidel America in a decentralized and dangerous structure. While America has many enemies at home and throughout the world, we must as a country accept the fact that right now the far greatest threat to our way of life and America as the great hope for humanity comes from Muslim extremists (both external and internal). To assume differently is naive and will be catastrophic for America and Americans like you. Following and in the sub categories will include stories and comments on this subject to give you varying perspectives. We trust it will helpful to your developing recognition of the continuing threat and be a strong voice in helping our leaders create an effective strategy for VICTORY. For 5 ways to survive a terrorist shooting at your office or any public place, check this video.

Authorities arrest at least three more men in Manchester

from The Wall Street Journal:

Highest terrorist threat level in place in Britain. May says another attack could be imminent.

[caption id="attachment_123609" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="British soldiers arrive near Parliment bldg"][/caption]

Police arrested at least three more men as part of their investigation into the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande pop concert, as authorities said they are pursuing a “network” in connection with the attack. Police and intelligence agencies are piecing together leads to determine who else in the U.K. or abroad may have helped the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, in the deadliest attack in the country since 2005. The arrests in Manchester take the total currently in custody to four. A Western security official identified the first man arrested as Ismail Abedi, 23, the suspect’s brother. Under British law, a person can be taken into custody in a terrorism investigation and held up to 14 days without charges. At an afternoon press conference, Manchester Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said it is clear “this is a network we are investigating.” British police have declined to provide many details about the suspect, but a U.S. official has said he was a British citizen of Libyan descent. British officials believe he had recently returned from Libya. U.K. investigators told French authorities that Abedi had probably also traveled to Syria, according to the French interior minister. A leading theory is that the attacker may have received specialist training abroad or that there is a technician in the U.K. who constructed the bomb, the Western official said. “To cause this many fatalities it has to be a viable device of a certain level of sophistication,” the official said, adding that it didn’t seem like something Abedi could have done by himself. Officials were still in the initial phase of the investigation, the person said. Chief Constable Hopkins wouldn’t comment on whether police had found anyone who made the explosive device used in the attack.

More From The Wall Street Journal:

Police Investigate ‘Network’ in Connection With Attack on Ariana Grande Concert </font>

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