War on Terror
Do you believe the United States is at war? Is there a declared War on America underway at this time? Has it been underway for almost 20 years? The answer is yes to all three questions. If you said "no" to any of these questions you are wrong! You have most likely been infected by the agenda peddling of the American mainstream media. To help you understand the facts, watch the National Geographic documentary, Inside 9/11-War on America. This series can be purchased at NatGeo or you can view it on YouTube. The YouTube videos are divided into 12 segments, segment 1 of 12 can be found here. The other 11 episodes can be found in the same YouTube area. Some like to make fun of the title "War on Terror". "What kind of war is that?" "It is a made up War." "We are fighting a War in Iraq and a War in Afghanistan, not a War on Terror." Well, as for fighting individual wars, that is just moronic. We were fighting multiple fronts in Europe and Asia as a part of the WWII effort. This War on Terror effort is and will continue to be fought on multiple fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq, now ISIS, Libya, Yemen, maybe Iran, and unfortunately here at home). So, call it anything you want, but it is real. And, as with every other war, history will find an appropriate label for this conflict and this period in human history. If you believe that this threat is over now due to the killing of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011, then you are again wrong. The War on America continues. This unconventional war was helped by having an inspirational leader like Bin laden, but survives with the same objective to destroy "the great Satan", infidel America in a decentralized and dangerous structure. While America has many enemies at home and throughout the world, we must as a country accept the fact that right now the far greatest threat to our way of life and America as the great hope for humanity comes from Muslim extremists (both external and internal). To assume differently is naive and will be catastrophic for America and Americans like you. Following and in the sub categories will include stories and comments on this subject to give you varying perspectives. We trust it will helpful to your developing recognition of the continuing threat and be a strong voice in helping our leaders create an effective strategy for VICTORY. For 5 ways to survive a terrorist shooting at your office or any public place, check this video.

Gunman Opens Fire on Champs-Élysées

from The Wall Street Journal,

A gunman opened fire on the Champs-Élysées on Thursday, killing a police officer and severely wounding another in an assault prosecutors were investigating as a possible terror attack, just days before France’s presidential elections begin. The assault began around 9 p.m., an Interior Ministry spokesman said, when a car pulled alongside a police patrol and the gunman jumped out wielding an automatic rifle. Police returned fire, killing the gunman, according to authorities. “We can’t exclude whether there’s one or several accomplices,” Pierre-Henry Brandet, the Interior Ministry spokesman said. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– A spokeswoman for antiterrorism prosecutors in Paris said they had opened an investigation into the assault. French President François Hollande said authorities were convinced it was a terror attack and expressed “great sadness” over the police officer’s death. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the suspected terror attack, said SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors the extremist group’s communications. The attack sent immediate ripples across the political landscape as the closely fought election was entering its final stretch. France 2, the state TV channel, briefly interrupted a live broadcast in which the 11 presidential candidates were outlining their platforms to broadcast footage showing the Champs-Élysées in lockdown.

“This threat will remain part of daily life for the coming years,” centrist Emmanuel Macron said on the live broadcast as details of the assault began to trickle out. “The first duty, the first mission of the president is to protect.” The timing and location the assault, in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, was likely to shift the focus of a campaign that has been largely centered on economic issues. A string of attacks—including the Nov. 13, 2015, assault by Islamic State militants that killed 130 in Paris and the truck attack in Nice that killed 86 people on Bastille Day last July—has put France on edge. The government has declared and renewed a state of emergency, but the crackdown hasn’t stopped the drumbeat of periodic attacks. François Fillon, a conservative who has focused his campaign on combatting what he calls “Islamic totalitarianism,” sought to draw contrast with Mr. Macron moments later saying: “We can’t keep living in this fear, this terror that weighs on the future of the country.”

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