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from The Gray Area:

President Trump nominated federal Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, choosing a jurist widely seen by conservatives as a fitting successor to the late Antonin Scalia – and touching off what is sure to be a fierce confirmation battle with Senate Democrats already vowing resistance. In preparation, Democrats declined invitations to attend the announcement and leftist protestors gathered at the Supreme Court to protest President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, even before he was named. Like the women's march and the outrage over the enhanced vetting of certain immigrants and refugees, continuous 'resistance' to Trump is the strategy. Yet Mr. Gorsuch is a man even The New York Times said tonight is a 'Solid Conservative; Not Seen as Divisive'. The 'resistance', however, is providing three basic attack arguments against Mr. Gorsuch tonight:

  1. outside the 'mainstream'. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, has said he is ready to block any candidate he sees as outside the mainstream, a stance that could touch off a Senate showdown.
  2. right wing ideologue. Liberal activists rallied in front of the Supreme Court building in a swift condemnation of Mr. Trump’s choice. They derided Judge Gorsuch as a right-wing ideologue who would lay waste to important judicial decisions in areas including civil rights and abortion rights as well as environmental and worker protections.
  3. the ghost of Garland. When Obama nominated Garland to take Scalia’s seat last year, liberals hoped that they would get a liberal majority that would swing the court left on key issues such as abortion, campaign finance and voting rights. But Senate Republicans refused to hold hearings, citing the impending election which was still eight months away.
Quite frankly, it is understandable for the Democrats to be frustrated and even vengeful about the long obstruction to Pres. Obama's selection of Merrick Garland to replace Justice Scalia last year. Giving Republicans a hard time over their selection confirms the old adage that 'turn about is fair play'. Even the arguments that his views are inconsistent with liberal cornerstone issues is to be expected. The left hated Justice Scalia. Some even celebrated his death last year. Mr. Gorsuch celebrated Justice Scalia's life, his legal philosophy and constitutional courage. He honored Scalia in his acceptance speech as a “lion of the law,” saying all his colleagues cherished the late justice’s “wisdom” and “humor.” Legislating from the bench has been a successful political strategy for over 40 years. To have generational control of the Supreme Court in their grasp in 2016 and now to see it lost to a 'Scalia clone'! This is a liberal DNA challenge. They have to protest and fight. However, the idea that a criteria of the left is that Mr. Gorsuch not be 'outside the mainstream' is laughable. What do you suppose their definition of 'mainstream' is? Listen to what they will say the next few days. It will be consistently liberal philosophy. So, the definition of 'mainstream' is that Mr. Gorsuch philosophy must be the philosophy of the left to be 'mainstream'. Isn't that funny? The left saying their view is 'mainstream' and others are extreme. The left saying they know what 'mainstream' is after they lost an election because they did not know what 'mainstream' was! When the extremists call themselves 'mainstream' and the other side extreme, you just have to laugh. But laugh or not, the next 30 days or more) will be filled with Congressional drama as the Supreme Court nomination will take center stage over all other Cabinet nomination delays. The winner will be the side that has the best parliamentary strategy & discipline. Talk about frustrating.

Their fight will be embarrassing for some Democrats though. 10 years ago many of the Senators who unanimously confirmed his appointment the federal bench are still in the Senate. Among those who did not oppose his nomination then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and the current Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.”


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