Thank Harry Reid for the Gorsuch Confirmation

from The Gray Area:

Today the Senate voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on The Supreme Court. He will be sworn in and take his seat on Monday.

After a rules change by Republicans on Thursday to end a Democrat filibuster, dubbed the 'nuclear option', Gorsuch was confirmed by a simple majority vote, vs the usual 60 votes, for the first time in history.

This could not have taken place without Harry Reid.

In 2013 Democrats used the nuclear option on lower court and cabinet nominees but left the filibuster in place for Supreme Court appointees. This changed the rules to block Republicans from opposing Obama judicial nominees. At the time, Harry Reid was warned that this could create a precedent in the future for Republicans to use the rules change option. He was unconcerned and said 'let them do it'.

A lot is being made by Democrats & the mainstream media about how awful this rules change move is by the Republican Senate majority. "Bullying' tactic, and "heist of the century' said FoxNews analyst Juan Williams. Democrats don't like it when their 'bullying' tactics are used by the opposition.

So lets stop calling it the 'nuclear option'. More accurately, it is the "Harry Reid option'.

Turnabout is fair play.

See the list of how each Senator voted in the Gorsuch confirmation.

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