There is probably no clearer example of the partisan political divide than with regard to the issue of immigration. From border states like Texas and Arizona where the problem is illegal immigration and criminal activity to other states like California and Washington who need temporary farm laborers and skilled technology workers, the immigration issue is hotly debated. Unfortunately, the radical fringe of both the left (more minority immigrants=more votes) and right (build a wall & no path to citizenship for illegals) are controlling the immigration conversation with absolutely no attention to the what is best for America. Unlike a few other issues, this issue is ripe for a compromise solution if only the majority of both the left and right would stand up and recognize there is little that separates you on this issue. Lets regain our common sense on this issue and get the radicals out of the way.

Why did we see this pic today?

from The Gray Area:

Do you wonder why we see this pic today?

[caption id="attachment_177704" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The bodies of Salvadoran migrant Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his nearly 2-year-old daughter, Valeria, on the bank of the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico[/caption]

Was the tragedy discovered today? No, it happened on the 23rd. When was the pic taken? Same day, first published on the 24th. Did it happen in the US? No, it happened on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. So, what did the US do wrong? Nothing specifically. It was a tragic accident and, maybe, in hindsight, a poor decision by the father. Generally, fixing our immigration laws could help. But, Congress has no desire to fix our immigration laws, which is there responsibility, as long as Trump is in the White House, period. The President's job is to execute the, in this case, flawed laws passed by Congress. Is Congress inaction why the father and daughter died? No. And, neither is it Trump's. Sadly, it is all about politics and political power. So why are we seeing this pic today and not 2-3 days ago. There are 2 reasons: 1. The Democrat debates start tonight. This tragic event gives the Dems and the media 2 days of talking about it & why this is Donald Trump's fault (which it isn't). And, using a tragedy as Obama's Rahm Emanuel told us, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." 2. Trump has the Dems & the media on the defensive about the immigration issue. On Thursday, he gave Congress 2 weeks to fix the asylum issue or he is going to lawfully round up illegals, who a court has ordered removed, and deport them. This tragedy now gives the Dems & the media the opportunity to be on the offensive against Trump on the issue, during the debates & throughout the media. Whether this has anything to do with the President or not, it is still usable as an offensive weapon, because no one (Rep or Dem) wants to see this. In a related story, AOC was applauding today the fact the Wayfair walked off the job. Wayfair, who makes beds for immigrant children at the border, stopped making beds and AOC is applauding this. Can you not see the absolute lunacy on the left? Trump has driven them out of their hiding places and they have no choice, but to display in public their obtuse logic. So stopping making beds for immigrants is good, why? Oh, right, because you can use it to attack Trump. But, who gets hurt in the meantime? The kids. And action you are applauding. And who do they blame for hurting the kids - Trump. You just can't make this stuff up. And sadly, the cynic in me thinks this photo looks staged. The little girl, inside the same shirt her father was wearing, with her arm around his neck. Beautiful. Touching. Sad. But, maybe a little too much?

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